15 Best Music Videos of August 2014 feat. Chad Vangaalen

The 15 Best Music Videos of August 2014

Resist the end of summer with 15 great music videos from its final month.

- Sep 2, 2014
Spend the post-Labour Day summer comedown with Grime's long-awaited KoRn homage, some post-vapourwave VHS art, 3D animation and grotesque cartoonery. And in honour of back to school, we've also got a supplemental viewing & reading list. Watch the 15 best music videos of August 2014 below.

Röyksopp & Robyn, "Monument"

Röyksopp & Robyn "Monument" (Music Video)

"Give it up for the restrained special effects, too: trippy cellular renderings, kaleidoscopic architecture, and the surrounding galaxies never push to be eye-popping, and that's why they are."

Now watch: The future of floating round things

Philip Selway, "Coming Up For Air"

"A lot of movie special effects secrets are revealed, like how they filmed the eye through the keyhole, the one handed cliff rescue, drowning person POV and much more."

Now watch: Komodo Vs. Cobra Vore

Grimes, "Go"

(watch at MuchMusic)

"She's said that the energetic clip was their "take on Dante's Inferno" with 'circles of hell [that] reflect more contemporary issues.'"

Now read: Some more inspirations for the clip, including KoRn and white people destroying the earth

Moonface, "City Wrecker"

Moonface - "City Wrecker" (Official Video)

"...another gutting piano ballad from Spencer Krug's solo project Moonface, with a resolute black and white video."

Now read: Spencer Krug's open letter about his new EP.

Absolutely Free, "Beneath The Air"

Absolutely Free - Beneath The Air (Official Video)

"The 3500 individually painted frames (previously seen at an exhibit at Videofag) are stitched together into one gorgeous and psychedelic cycle of characters, like you're on the soaring journey of The Snowman's "Walking In The Air" sequence while having your face smooshed into the Screamadelica and Yes Please! covers. Yes, please."

Now watch: Tom Tom Club's "Genius Of Love," the original joyful pop cartoon

The War On Drugs, "Under The Pressure"

The War on Drugs - Under The Pressure (Official Video)

"It's all you need to get along with your roommates, really: form a rock band, practice in separate rooms, and surround yourselves with the fragments of art film interludes."

Now watch: Lana Del Rey doing the Super 8 strut in "Ultraviolence"

Hush Pup, "Swimming"

"Where's the Spuds MacKenzie for our post-vapourwave lifestyles? Right here! It's Teagle the Space Lobster and it knows which VHS dimension all the babes are in."

Now watch: This lobster's financial advice

Actress, "Xoul Particles"

actress - xoul particles

"Nic Hamilton's video is constantly on the move with loads of gorgeous and fragmented 3D animated tracking shots, giving the impression of staring out the window of a train surfing over radio waves."

Now watch: The Chemical Brothers' legendary video for "Star Guitar," directed by Michel Gondry.

Celestial Shore, "Creation Myth"

Celestial Shore "Creation Myth" (Official Video)

"To the tune of fretboard-immolating riffs and downy vocals chanting 'we evolve,' Angela Stempel delivers a beautiful animation of a rubbery dude going from slacker-to-yuppie while evading suits and raining televisions."

Now watch: The evolution animation from the original Cosmos.

Trash Talk, "The Great Escape"

Trash Talk - "The Great Escape" (Official Video)

"The cartoon band steals an ancient chalice from a convenience store, and undergoes the sort of bloody and grotesque demon transformations you expect after imbibing from a horned skull cup."

Now watch: Trash Talk's other hyper-violent cartoon clip

Shabazz Palaces, "#CAKE"

Shabazz Palaces - #CAKE [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

"There's no story for the marathon man or the giant faces, bodies and snake he encounters during his tour of abandoned buildings, but the energy crackling off the composition of the images is enough to mesmerize."

Now watch: Our favourite sci-fi hip-hop clips (besides this one)

Hooray For Earth, "Say Enough"

"Apparently it is possible to conjure a stirring romance from pirated Playstation 1 caliber visuals."

Now watch: the Danger Room from X-Men meeting your weird lust

Pional, "It's All Over"

Pional - It's All Over (Official Video)

"Every frame of the video, from the pre-party party to the party to the tragedy, displays different styles of post-production animation."

Now watch: The delicious hand-painted of "Shadrach (Abstract Impressionist version)" by The Beastie Boys

Torn Hawk, "I'm Flexible"

Torn Hawk - I'm Flexible [Official Audio]

"The tear-stained 16-bit sounds might remind you of when you left your Super Nintendo running unpaused so you could listen to the soundtrack rather than actually play the game."

Now watch: Another fantastic video from Torn Hawk's Luke Wyatt

Chad VanGaalen, "Monster"

Chad VanGaalen - Monster [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

"...an amateur cryptozoologist's wildest dreams. Or, the beta design for an extremely dark Pokémon game. "

Now read: Chad's very great comic series

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