Best Songs of June 2014

The 20 Best Songs of June 2014

Great songs from Shabazz Palaces, White Lung and more. All 4 U.

- Jun 30, 2014
 We're half way done 2014 already! What else is half way finished we couldn't possibly know or measure? A lot of things, probably! Very important, nice things! But don't worry: the best songs of June 2014...they're just beginning.

Caribou, "Can't Do Without You"

"Using barely more words than its title, the track reckons with its vulnerability and draws strength from it. With that as a foundation, it's no surprise that layers of warm synths and bustling live drum kit rhythms turn ascendant, hiding nothing despite a smoky, underwater introduction."

Ken Park, "He Says I'm An Island (I Won't Try And Find Him)"

KEN PARK - He Says I'm an Island (I Wont Try And Find Him)

"There's a slyness to the clip's frayed graphics and upside down city drive, not to mention the lush synth tune's link to the vaporwave's joyful obsolescence."

TOPS, "Change Of Heart"

TOPS | Change of Heart

"I don't want to spoil TOPS's "Change Of Heart" video, but there's one very good zoom out of a dog."

How To Dress Well, "Face Again"

How to Dress Well - Face Again (Part 2 of 3 "What Is This Heart?" trilogy) (Official Video)

"Lessons learned: love conquers death, and gas is just as expensive even if you're using it to burn a body."

The New Pornographers, "Brill Bruisers"

The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers

"Exploding out from a shimmering nucleus of magical mystery gibberish, "Bruisers" has that sprawling, blinkered ecstasy of a rock opera."

A Sunny Day In Glasgow, "Golden Waves"

"Texture plus heart multiplied by time equals #WeMadeIt."

TĀLĀ, "On My Own In Hua Hin"

"Wonky Jai Paul-ish distortion cradles her swelling keys and dance chart vocals like a kind giant, and together everything builds an emancipated air that's more ready to catch the Thailand sunrise than grovel."

Operators, "True"

"Set the dancey, weekend minded song as your alarm."

Death Grips, "Up My Sleeves"

"[Taken from] The new project pulled from the amorphous, screaming hip-hop foundry featuring Björk on all eight tracks."

Popcaan, "Evil"

Popcaan - Evil (Produced by Dubbel Dutch) - OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO

"Since his former mentor Vybz Kartel joined #TeamLightSkin and got locked up, Popcaan's become dancehall's best hope for a party-centric yet socially-conscious global takeover."

Jessie Ware, "Tough Love"

Jessie Ware - Tough Love

"The untitled record's first single owes a debt to the first minute of 'Little Red Corvette,' but makes a remarkable statement with aerated electronics and Ware's vocals, weightless yet utterly commanding like a horizon of thick clouds."

Jamie xx, "All Under One Roof Raving"

Jamie xx- All Under One Roof Raving

"...the track doesn't stagnate in the past genres of London electro the producer venerates. Instead, it takes that enthusiasm - embodied literally here in rave head exultations from Mark Leckey's Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore - and supercharges The xx producer's windswept dancefloor into a time-bending collage." 

The Antlers, "Refuge"

The Antlers - Refuge

"I think of these songs as fictional nonfiction. I’m intensely connected to the stories, and they are true to me, but they’re not a retelling of my life’s facts.  They’re a transformation of my reality, where the names are changed but the point remains the same. The more I believe them to be true, the more real they become. - Peter Silberman, lyricist in The Antlers"

Shabazz Palaces, "#CAKE"

Shabazz Palaces - #CAKE (not the video)

"Shabazz Palaces lord over their own plane of hip-hop's outer regions, reserved for swamp mystics and Dilla fiends. So even if they're going to use Fruity Loops claps and jerk-y kicks as the base like they do on new potion "#CAKE," you know something different is going to crawl out from that regional mould."


"Like a fish that spits bubbles so you can't see how deep it's going, When I'm Weak, I'm Strong has a playful and cerebral effervescence that will appeal to your favourite uncompromising poptimist."

FKA twigs, "Two Weeks"

FKA twigs - Two Weeks

"A sumptuous if slightly anachronistic rollout for alternative pop's next left-field hope."

White Lung, "Snake Jaw"

White Lung - Snake Jaw

"What should I do while I listen? Burn your least favourite roommate's clothes and steal his car."

Alex G, "Black Hair"

"This singer-songwriter is the newly ascendant star of hushed all-bedroom-everything label Orchid Tapes."

Jessy Lanza, "You And Me"

"Although her first album Pull My Hair Back also had its feet planted firmly on the dancefloor, 'You and Me' is grounded with a new and exciting urgency, pushing through any hushed moments with gleaming falsettos and washes of sparkly synths foaming across the shoreline."

Hundred Waters, "Murmurs"

Hundred Waters - Murmurs (Official Video)

"...a strain of ambidextrous pop music. It's in the spongelike production and fluttering yet assured vocals; it feels like anything could happen. Throw it on with some Björk and Lizzy Mercier Descloux, and you've got yourself a sandwich."

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