Best Music Videos of June 2014

The 20 Best Music Videos of June 2014

Watch these as you contemplate getting a too-expensive smoothie (you should, it's boosted with rare watermelon fungus).

- Jun 30, 2014
June is finally over. We spent a lot of time at a festival and investing in more sweat resistant shirts. But we also had time to watch some music videos. And there were good ones.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, "Deeper"  (dir. Jonah Schwartz)

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Deeper (Official) - Piñata

"The track gives a rare look at the softer side of Gangsta Gibbs, an on-mic persona known for his vociferous championing of his drug lord status and violent solutions. But here, he's heartbroken."

If you haven't heard the MadGibbs album Pinata, you really should.

Kestrels, "The Moon Is Shining Our Way" (dir. Rob Feulner)

Feulner distributes experimental video art through his company Bleu Nuit Video, and occasionally posts a music video on his Vimeo page.

FKA twigs, "Two Weeks" (dir. Nabil)

FKA twigs - Two Weeks

"...each version of FKA twigs captivates entirely, and fully inhabits the perhaps on-the-nose royal role she's given."

It's Little Dancin FKA twigs.

Liars, "Pro Anti Anti" (dir. Yoonha Park)

"Computers and cable television have allowed us to destroy almost anything we want for our own amusement. Liars could have gone that route when they decided to scan their heads into wax moulds and melt them, but the colours and cinematography make it more than just self-indulgent destruction."

The best thing to be done to a fake head since this.

HSY, "Cyber Bully" (dir. Cayden Mowbray)


"Gory, gross and filmed on a camera drilled in someone's forehead, the Toronto noise punks make a shoestring budget stretch into some daring territory."

They've gotten more ambitious with their grossness.

Ice Cream, "Plastic" (dir. Danielle "Aphrodite" Nemet)

"Danielle "Aphrodite" Nemet called her video "A contemplation of determinism and chaos, a meditation on the realms and planes of existence." Ice Cream said they were " dolls in a doll house, static, trapped forever, plastic never dies!" I'll take both."

Trapped in a fancy purgatory once again.

Ryan Hemsworth feat. Tinashe, "One For Me" (dir. Martin C. Pariseau)

Ryan Hemsworth - One For Me ft. Tinashe

"Lamborghini Mercy / Ryan Hemsworth is so lonely."

What comes up when I search "Sad Lamborghini."

OUGHT, "More Than Any Other Day" (dir. Adam Finchler)

This, but localized and with a few deep breaths.

The Soft Pink Truth, "Black Metal" (dir. Max Elibacher)

Black metal is usually not this silly.

The Knife, "För Alla Namn Vi Inte Får Använda" (dir. Roxy Farhat)

Europa Europa and The Knife -- För alla namn vi inte får använda

"With the cabaret Europa Europa and the song and music video "För alla namn vi inte får använda" by Europa Europa and The Knife we want to praise all those hundreds of thousands of people who defy the cameras, the deadly waters, the barbed wire, the violence and the compact political resistance, and make it across the external and internal borders of Europe every year." - The Knife

Immigration is a thorny issue anywhere.

Blood Orange, "You're Not Good Enough" (dir. Gia Coppola)

Blood Orange — "You're Not Good Enough" (Official Music Video)

"Dev and his all-white suited band take to the sound stage for a series of elaborate, passionate and just sloppy enough dance numbers that capture the wholesomesexy vibe of the record perfectly, all while Gia Coppola watches from a control room."

Does it really top these dance moves, though?

Nils Frahm, "Re" (dir. Balázs Simon)

"A lone deer navigates the scabs of ruined but redeemable planet in the video for avant-garde composer Nils Frahm's "Re," animated by Balázs Simon, a fan who made the clip on his own."

Bambi meets our abandoned planet in transition.

Hundred Waters, "Murmurs" (dir. BANGS)

Hundred Waters - Murmurs (Official Video)

"...a strange account of willfully blind home renovators and frontwoman Nicole Miglis in a forlorn dance of lowballed quotes."

Home Improvement.

Sebastien Tellier, "Aller vers le soleil" (dir. Ruda Cabral)

Sebastien Tellier - Aller vers le soleil (Official Video)

"Ruda Cabral arranges lots of weird and lovely set pieces in "Aller vers le soleil"'s range of breathtaking tropical scenery."

Mother Nature chews scenery.

Guided By Voices, "Bad Love Is Easy To Do" (dir. Mike Postalakis)

"Had they been born 20 years earlier, Guided By Voices' Pollard & Sprout could have been coffee house kings — one, the Dionysian philosopher; the other, his virtuosic accompany. Here, we see that their bridge over troubled water is out."

We love Tom Scharpling, too.

Ladi6, "Hold Tight" (dir. Robert Wallace)

"What if your favourite classic Sesame Street animation was beamed into space and looped back to Earth through a wormhole?"

Rotoscope fun.

Alex Calder, "Mid Life Holiday" (dir. Pierce McGarry)

Alex Calder Mid Life Holiday (OFFICIAL VID)

"In the terrifically silly and vaguely horrifying video, directed with by the always great Pierce McGarry of Walter TV, we get a glimpse of Alex recording using a sampler and getting far more shouty."

More Pierce.

Ken Park, "He Says I'm An Island (I Won't Try And Find Him)" (dir. Lisa Folkerson)

KEN PARK - He Says I'm an Island (I Wont Try And Find Him)

"There's a slyness to the clip's frayed graphics and upside down city drive, not to mention the lush synth tune's link to the vaporwave's joyful obsolescence. But the interview, however garbled and functionless, lends a human element."

A partial tribute to Wong Kar Wai. 

How To Dress Well, "Face Again" (dir. Johannes Greve Muskat)

How to Dress Well - Face Again (Part 2 of 3 "What Is This Heart?" trilogy) (Official Video)

"Here's part two of How To Dress Well's What Is This Heart? music video trilogy, "Face Again" follows the two lovers deciding what to do with the corpse of a beloved elderly relative they may or may not have killed."

Watch the trilogy's first chapter.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow, "In Love With The Useless" (dir. Ty Flowers)

A Sunny Day In Glasgow - In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry in the Tradition of Passing)

A moving glass canvas.

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