Best Music Videos of May 2014

The 25 Best Music Videos of May 2014

M.I.A., Die Antwoord, and Fucked Up all made the cut. Plus 22 more videos that made May a romantic, post-apocalyptic, punk rock meadow.

- Jun 2, 2014
May is always a special month. The post-apocalypses are more chilling, the romances are more human, and the retro videos install a VHS port on your desktop. All the other months are garbage. Trust in May. Watch the 25 best music videos of May 2014 below.

Mac DeMarco, "Passing Out Pieces"

Mac DeMarco - Passing Out Pieces (Official Video)

"Mac plays a Bad Lieutenant version of himself stuck in a nightmare vision of the city, where a piece of produce is never far behind your next decapitated hand or dead lettuce baby."

M.I.A., "Double Bubble Trouble"

M.I.A. & The Partysquad - Double Bubble Trouble official music video Uncensored

"The visuals for The Partysquad-featuring globetrotting dance track have an ambivalent view on 3D printed guns and drones, with a layering that resembles a multi-tabbed Tumblr/Skype/Wikileaks marathon on your MacBook."

Basement Jaxx, "Unicorn"

Basement Jaxx - Unicorn

"...populated by what seems to be exercising rubber hose cartoons drawn in Microsoft Paint."

The Knife, "Without You My Life Would Be Boring"

The Knife - Without You My Life Would Be Boring (Shaken-Up Version)

" A group of people more diverse than you're likely to see in real life all year take over a hospital and send people dancing with red energy blasts and lots of feces."

Die Antwoord, "Pitbull Terrier"


"Ninja plays a half-man half-dog on a bloodthirsty rampage against another kind of Pitbull, catwomen, and Yolandi herself."

Fucked Up, "Sun Glass"

Fucked Up - "Sun Glass"

"That meadow may or may not be a cemetary, but the message is already sent. It's time to retire those "Mustard Gas" and "Pink Eyes" monikers: these are now the cuddly punks who pass you a joint and serenade you on acoustic guitar. And you know what? It's still kinda badass."

Holiday Rambler, "Auden"

"Director Vitalyi Bulychev shot the foggy black and white portraiture during the spring of 2013, buried it, then dug the naturally decayed film back up one year later. And just as he intended, the video looks like it lost a fist fight with a pile of leaves."

Fear Of Men, "Descent"

FEAR OF MEN - Descent

"'Descent'...probes the tensions of a romantic relationship, this time focusing on the trappings of autonomy, loss of individuality, and the limitations of the world you share. It also reminds me of Destiny's Child's 'Say My Name' video."

Kool A.D., "Word"


"Drawn by the rapper himself, Victor Vasquez becomes a tripping dog with a six breasted rabbit/canine gal pal, and together they embark on a psychedelic Bonnie and Clyde spree with lots of road head."

Mykki Blanco, "She Gutta"

Mykki Blanco - "She Gutta" (Official Video)

"Faced with the banality of evil in drones and police brutality, Blanco and pals react by having the most fun, by any means necessary."

Lower, "Soft Option"

Lower - "Soft Option" video

" turns out we just interrupted the band in the middle of a very tense meeting. And the door's locked behind us, so we're just going to have to sit down and watch them hash it out."

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, "Until The Sun Explodes"

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Until The Sun Explodes (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

"For too long, travelling into space has been restricted to the wealthy, the vastly intelligent, and especially the magical. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart fall into that last category for their "Until The Sun Explodes" video with the '80s Hanna-Barbera cartoon versions of themselves."

Sharon Van Etten, "Every Time The Sun Comes Up"

Sharon Van Etten - Every Time the Sun Comes Up (Official Video)

"For this wrinkled mockup of a Satanic vessel, existential turmoil is worth it to put smiles on the faces of little kids and future nightwalkers."

PUP, "Guilt Trip"

PUP - GUILT TRIP (Official Video)

"The Chandler Levack & Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux directed clip for "Guilt Trip" doesn't pull Dan Burke this time around, but it's nearly as gory, especially when CBC personality Grant Lawrence enters as a hard-drinking, ill-fated cop."

Young Thug, "Stoner"

"Thugger could have easily stuck with his Birdman cameo, Willie Nelson poster, and lots of coloured smoke and been done with it, but freshness seeps in through a cartoony, slapdash flair and a lot of shots of his crew in that one Instagram filter."

The Head And The Heart, "Summertime"

The Head and the Heart - Summertime [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

"[Chad VanGaalen's] surreal clips always have a macabre topsoil, and this nature excursion is no exception, with its close-ups of bird puke and carnivorous butterflies."

Metronomy, "Reservoir"

Metronomy - Reservoir (Official Video)

"The English band get drawn in a Crayola marker world where surreal wormholes lead to lots of eye-popping free-associated excursions."

Flying Lotus feat. Laura Darlington, "Phantasm"

"Fitting with the track's slow-orbiting gas planet soul, it's a patient and colourful tale of a stoic alien and a shaggy humanoid that helps him discover the starlight underneath his Invisible Man bandages."

How To Dress Well, "Repeat Pleasure"

How to Dress Well - Repeat Pleasure (Part 1 of 3 "What Is This Heart?" trilogy) (Official Video)

"In under four minutes, it establishes the story of two lovers brought together by a tragedy, finely details its characters, and progresses its plot efficiently, without a single word of dialogue. Perhaps the most cinematic music video of the year?"

Cousins, "Mess"

"Display cases of disemboweled fish, regurgitated sweet spreads, and a breakdancing beef tongue are all centrepieces."

Dub Thompson, "No Time"

Dub Thompson - "No Time" (Official Video)

"It's like a tour of one of Myst's hipper neighbourhoods, with flickering cathode-y images to boot."

Hercules & Love Affair, "I Try To Talk To You"

Hercules & Love Affair ft. John Grant — I Try To Talk To You (Official Video)

"David Wilson's video follows those threads with a black & white clip of two male dancers playing out a tragic romance throughout a dope apartment."

Wye Oak, "Glory"

Wye Oak "Glory" (Official Music Video)

"Girls with blank expressions, blonde hair, identical pastel-coloured uniforms: the video for Baltimore duo Wye Oak's "Glory" feels like a protest"

Brave Radar, "Too Long Weekend"

Brave Radar - Too long weekend

"Montreal's Brave Radar have been putting out discordant slacker pop for a minute, and they've shared a new song and road-tripping video from an upcoming cassette on Fixture Records."

JLK & Babysitter, "I'm Not Going To Get Nostalgic"

JLK & Babysitter - im not going to get nostalgic (HD)

"The combination of stock footage of wildfires and old automobile animations is especially timely now that California is roasting thanks to our own energy consumption, and it's not any less haunting wrapped in a prickly layer of distortion jams."

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