Best Music Videos of April 2014

The 20 Best Music Videos of April 2014

DIANA, Owen Pallett and more round out our favourite videos of the month. Shy karaoke, surreal animation, grunge and glitter!

- May 1, 2014
The best music videos of April are here, and they're angry you haven't watched them yet! What's wrong with you? Be more sensitive!
Shy karaoke, surreal animation, ballet, grunge and glitter. Watch the 20 best music videos of April 2014 below.

A Tribe Called Red, "Sisters"

A Tribe Called Red - Sisters ft Northern Voice

"Three aboriginal girls prepare for A Tribe Called Red's monthly Electric Powwow rave in Ottawa, just like any other excited young people might: dancing, trying on outfits, hanging out the car windows. It looks familiar, and that's the point..."

The Antlers, "Palace"

The Antlers - "Palace"

"...an impressionistic tour through the little watery universes of memory contained in an abandoned home."

Liars, "Mess On A Mission"

Liars — "Mess on a Mission" (Official Music Video)

"Luis Cervéro directs the "Mess on A Mission" video, and loops the trio as they back up a set of stairs and into one awful predicament after another."

Timber Timbre, "Beat The Drum Slowly"

"Somewhere between Michael DeForge and a road trip to see Country Joe & the Fish getting detoured through the suburbs, we have this music video."

Sharon Van Etten, "Taking Chances"

Sharon Van Etten - "Taking Chances" (Official Video)

"The folk rocker stars as a woman messing around with tarot cards and meeting a bunch of grabby phantom limbs as a result."

Connan Mockasin, "Do I Make You Feel Shy"

Connan Mockasin - Do I Make You Feel Shy? (Official Video)

 "...we get two sides of Connan Mockasin: the shy (and likely closer to reality) one that has to be coaxed into an empty karaoke club to perform, and the absurdly preening, Prince-inspired Casanova who stars in the cheesy karaoke video itself."

Blood Orange, "Uncle ACE" (Kindness remix feat. Robert Owens)

Blood Orange - Uncle ACE (Kindness remix feat. Robert Owens)

"...questions appear as title cards, and are answered with images of various places and people in Hynes's childhood town (for their actual answers, check the video's YouTube description)."

Owen Pallett, "Song For Five & Six"

Owen Pallett - Song for Five & Six (Official Video)

"The dancers engage in their gorgeous fluid motions to a bracing, arpeggio-lined tune from within the studio level of Missy Elliott's puffy Glad bag suit."

Jackson and His Computerband, "Memory"

"Shot in a black-and-white befitting the stark digi-soul ballad, the clip analyzes the distorting effect time has on the memory of a relationship, something that's only aggravated with surreal explosions once it's suddenly and disastrously restarted."

Pure X, "Heaven"

Pure X "Heaven" (Official Video)

"The Ben Kitnick-directed video for Austin pastoral psych group Pure X's 'Heaven' is a character study of Corey Busboom, a demolition derby driver, circuit bender for Devo and body mod suspension enthusiast."

RATKING, "Canal"

"For every one reference I understand there are probably dozens more that only those respective residents could. RATKING render their home as an objectively ugly place and find beauty in their skills."

Kevin Drew, "Mexican Aftershow Party"

"It's been a closely guarded secret in the Canadian music industry that Broken Social Scene bandleader Kevin Drew suffers from a debilitating skin condition that covers 90% of his body in glitter. He's finally learned to let go for the "Mexican Aftershow Party" video."

Real Estate, "Crime"

"The video is hilarious. Andy [Daly] plays a broke Tom Scharpling who's forced to crowdsource his latest video treatment from a bunch of wealthy benefactors, including the Westboro Baptist Church."

Teen Tits Wild Wives, "Louis"


"...we have our answer once and for all: Heaven is a '90s Bugle Boy ad."

Courtney Barnett, "Anonymous Club"

Courtney Barnett - Anonymous Club

"Charming monsters are trapped in a black-and-white world filled with abstract shapes, their eyes (or eye) are (/is) filled with tears, and they puke up other, also ennui-stricken creatures."

Solids, "Over The Sirens"

Solids - Over The Sirens [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

"We're debuting the disorienting new black & white clip for "Over The Sirens," but in a fitter timeline it'd have it's premiere on some sort of magical all-music television channel." 

tUnE-yArDs, "Water Fountain"

tUnE-yArDs - Water Fountain (Official Video)

"Joel Kefali's direction takes a few cues from the felt-lined sugar rush of Pee-wee's Playhouse, while introducing its own characters, like a dog chef and aging "scientist," as well as some interludes both 8-bit and cut-and-paste."

DIANA, "Strange Attraction"

DIANA - Strange Attraction [Official Video]

"Frontwoman Carmen Elle plays three women - or three phases of one woman - navigating the pain and pleasure of a relationship from within a single small apartment."

Ramona Lisa, "Dominic"

Ramona Lisa - "Dominic"

"Chairlift's Caroline Polachek visits the Everglades National Park in Florida to commune with our cousins the alligators."

Greys, "Guy Picciotto"

Greys "Guy Picciotto"

“If someone tells me this video pissed them off, or that they hated it because it’s frustrating, I would consider it a huge success,” [director Amanda Fotes] says. “I just want someone to tell me they hate it.”

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