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The 20 Best Music Videos of February 2014

Our favourite videos from February, including Death Grips, St. Vincent, Each Other and more.

- Mar 3, 2014
We're a little hungover from partying after winning an Oscar for Best Website, but we love y'all so much we assembled the 20 best music videos of February 2014.

St. Vincent, "Digital Witness"

St. Vincent - Digital Witness

"'Digital Witness' takes you inside what could be the horrible faded pastels of an East German DMV."

Angel Olsen, "Hi-Five"

Angel Olsen - Hi-Five (Official Video)

"Angel wanders around the set of her new video making gestures and jerky dances that seem odd but could really have been lifted from an older variety show..."

patten, "Agen"

"The sum total of humanity's scientific and cultural acumen is broadcast in two complimentary and epileptic sequences, a good match for the tune’s breathless and skittish ambience."

iamamiwhoami, "fountain"

"Take a moment to respect the awesome feat of our natural world’s existence, as well as the retina screens and 4G networks that allow us to see them anywhere we want."

Jerome LOL feat. Sara Z, "Deleted"

Jerome LOL - Deleted ft. Sara Z

"...a mixture of affectionate kitsch and modern digital ephemera delivered at Snapchat speeds."

Death Grips, "No Love"

Death Grips - No Love (Official Video)

"As the band trash themselves and their instruments, a horizontal text crawl tracks how many days they’ve not given a fuck, and it’s all repeatedly halted for [an] interstitial..."

Each Other, "Your Ceiling Is My Floor"

Your Ceiling is My Floor - Each Other

"It’s like a group recreational activity for a mid ’90s cult that believed only in the power of green screen and top-of-the-line computers, i.e. Windows ’95."

The Notwist, "Kong"

The Notwist - Kong [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

“[It's] based on a true story that involved Marcus Acher and his family being trapped in their home during an Ammer River flood in Weilheim, Germany. During the experience, the young Acher resorted to fantasy, secretly hoping a superhero would save his family as the waters rose around them.”

Metronomy, "Love Letters"

Metronomy - Love Letters (Official Video)

"[Director Michel] Gondry’s resolute eye remains marvelled at the odd and extraordinary in the everyday, and his genius lies in his unfettered presentation."

Marissa Nadler, "Was It A Dream"

Marissa Nadler - Was It A Dream (Official Video)

"An old chap works tirelessly on his editing bed as images of Nadler splice and superimpose with clips of classic cinema."

Pussy Riot, "Putin Will Teach You How To Love"

Pussy Riot - Putin will teach you how to love / Путин научит тебя любить Родину

"...a new music video that was made, according to the Chicago Tribune, '…to draw attention to the trial of Russians charged with organizing violent mass disorder, following protests on the eve of Putin’s inauguration for a third term as president in May 2012.'"

Gobby, "Red Seal"

Gobby - Red Seal (Official Video)

"An Odd Couple meets Punch & Judy with an America’s Most Wanted as directed by Maya Deren vibe."

Real Estate, "Crime"

Real Estate - How to play... Crime

"For at least one song on Real Estate‘s new album, you won’t have to sift through to figure out how to play it on guitar."

Willis Earl Beal, "Coming Through"

Willis Earl Beal - Coming Through

"Beal has a rapper’s flair for artistic messiah status in a folk poet’s body. Sometimes it can be trying, but “Coming Through” displays a full awareness, and even respect for, the savagery that such status and social capital can grow in the hearts of men."

Julio Bashmore feat. Jessie Ware, "Peppermint"

Julio Bashmore - "Peppermint" ft. Jessie Ware (Official Video)

"...director Noah Harris turns the song’s energy, sharp and sweet like a katana made of cupcakes, into a highly symbolic animated short 'inspired by the evolution of house.'"

Tommy Kruise, "Hers"


"Martin C. Pariseau‘s direction focuses mainly on Bogdan’s love of music, and follows him throughout the facility with his earbuds and few friends."

Clark, "Superscope"

Clark - Superscope

"The video...uses the song’s cavernous, fire-rimmed techno as a sort of paint for the device’s green light beams to trace its raving galaxies."

FUZZ, "Raise"


"Hints of PoltergeistVideodrome, and white people’s hatred of leaving haunted houses are laid on thick..."

Cut Copy, "We Are Explorers"

Cut Copy - "We Are Explorers" (Video)

"There’s no point in wondering if there are aliens among us camouflaged as humans, conducting research while masked as your friends and neighbours. Be an optimist: it’s much more likely that they’re walking around with their nude green bodies unsheathed, just too tiny to see."

Owen Pallett, "On A Path"

Owen Pallett - On A Path (Lyric Video)

" was shot by Steve Kadowho stayed in Pallett’s house for a week and took photos of every object in it."

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