Best Music Videos of January 2014

The Best Music Videos of January 2014

Our favourite music videos of the month, including Damon Albarn, FKA twigs and more.

- Jan 31, 2014
So January sucked, right? Did you get fired? Dumped? Gain weight instead of lose it? If the universe clotheslined you with some brutal realities over the past 31 days with , take solace in the fact that some great music videos were released as well.
Watch the best music videos of January 2014 below, and click the titles for what we first had to say about them.

Bombay Bicycle Club, “Luna”

Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna

“Give it up to Anna Ginsburg, director, and the Aquabatix for proving that there is no earthly domain human beings cannot conquer with some form of dance.”

John Wizards, “Muizenberg”

“Stick figures frolic with shapes just trying to escape the pressures of their colourful world, because you can't vote or form a union if your whole body is just four lines.”

Glasser, “Shape”

Glasser "Shape" - Official Video

“In "Shape," directed by Jonathan Turner and presented by The Creators Project, the artist Cameron Mesirow finds her exit blocked by her CGI house.”

Cass McCombs, “Salad Days”

Cass McCombs - Big Wheel (Official Video)

“Fans of found footage and shoddy entertainment conventions of years past, here's an equation: the default Final Cut Pro font is to the Internet era as crappy screen wipes are to a crate of garage sale VHS tapes. Right?”

Austra, “Hurt Me Now”

“The track’s video, directed by M. Blash, is an invasion of a dance studio by a bizarre group of performers: Aryan triplets, scooter rednecks, cyber-medusas, that dude who always goes for it on an empty dance floor, and Austra themselves, who perform for the madness against a backdrop of shifting videos.”

Nils Frahm, “Says”

Nils Frahm - Says (Official Music Video)

Nils Frahm‘s “Spaces” gives you the perspective of a chocolate sundae (black and white, obviously) as it gets a variety of sauces poured over its face.”

Tomorrow's World, “Life On Earth”

“I’ve been waiting all day (Month? Year? Life?) for a music video I could describe as “Rodney Dangerfield’s Back To School meets Koyaanisqatsi.” And here it is.”

Future Islands, “Seasons (Waiting On You)”

Future Islands - Seasons (Waiting On You) (Official Video)

Jay Buim directs the tender, striking portrait of a land forgotten by time and dissed by Borat.”

Holly Herndon, “Chorus”

Holly Herndon - Chorus [Official Video]

“Just when the memory of Oneohtrix Point Never and Jon Rafman’s “Still Life (Betamale)” was beginning to recede, there’s another unsettling vision of Internet life.”

Damon Albarn, “Everyday Robots”

Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots (Official Video)

“Surf the uncanny valley in (almost) real-time as you watch the skull that houses the brain that made Blur rendered in agonizing detail, to the tune of Albarn’s technology-indicting new single.”

Freelove Fenner, Surveilling The Void

Part 1: Lash and Brow

Freelove Fenner "Lash+Brow" Official Video // шпионаже на пустоте (Surveilling The Void) 1/3

Part 2: JoJo's X-Tal Set

Freelove Fenner "JoJo's X-Tal Set" Official Video // шпионаже на пустоте (Surveilling The Void) 2/3

Part 3: Eva

Freelove Fenner "Eva" Official Video (B&W Super 8) // шпионаже на пустоте (Surveilling The Void) 3/3

“Surveilling The Void is a three-part spy short…Fixture Records head / Brave Radar member Tessa Smith plays a young spy, likely drawn into the game with visions of James Bond and M (Judi Dench version), but she instead becomes a minor cog in a useless apparatus, wandering bored and snapping photos.”

Cass McCombs, “Unearthed”

“Let’s just say if this was a film noir, that mountain would be the femme fatale: sexy and dangerous to all who would attempt to conquer it.”

FKA twigs, “Hide” (live in Tulum, Mexico)

“twigs and her band took the earthy stage in a wooden enclave and performed “Hide” with back-up from two adorable children...”

Thug Entrancer, “Death After Life I”

Thug Entrancer - 'Death After Life I' [Official Video]

Milton Melvin Croissant III takes us on a first person tour of some long abandoned video game limbo, as if Mœbius and a few back issues of GamePro were locked in a single, joint lucid dream.”

Young Rival, “Black Is Good”

Young Rival - Black Is Good [Official] (Autostereogram Video)

“That’s right, the go-to punch line for ‘90s comedies has made its way to the music video medium through the wonder of autostereogram.”

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