Dive Into Findlay’s Haunting New Forgotten Pleasures Album

Findlay takes listeners through a dark serenade of eerie honest lyrics and sharp beats.

- Mar 21, 2017

UK-based Natalie Findlay released her first full length album Forgotten Pleasures on March 3rd. The 13 track album takes listeners on a romantic joyride in what feels like a nighttime of adventures. This album captures the lost ambitious youth trying to explore and understand the world and its people.

The leading track “Electric Bones” is a powerful intro, calling attention to Findlay’s strong vocals and chilling lyrics. It’s a dance-able beat with well executed percussion. Dressed with a little Grimes feel, Findlay stands her own - the song states her questioning herself as a lover and the rush of the chase, chanting “show me those electric bones”, commanding you to listen.

Her album holds clear narratives that have an intimate feel and she is boldly bringing you into her twisted stories. "Stuck in Your Shadow" is a strong track which teases a dream-like star crossed romance. A bit slower musically, it exhibits a rush of feelings and uncertainty. The chorus, “You don’t know what you mean to me”, is hauntingly paralleled with a canon of vocals proclaiming “I wanna get to you I don’t know how”. Tracks like “Greasy Love” and “Junk Food” seem to be deliberately straightforward and in your face. Confessing to her bad side in Greasy Love, and also cheekily responding to the expectations of image in entertainment and falsity in the food industry with the track  “Junk Food”.  Findlay has things to say, and she’s not shy about it.

Findlay - David Richardson

Forgotten Pleasures was produced by England's renowned Jake Gosling, who has worked with The Libertines, Ed Sheeran, and Shawn Mendes. She also worked with Flood, who specializes in post-punk and alternative rock production and is known for his work with legends like Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkins, U2, and The Killers. The album also sees a collaboration with Carl Barat of The Libertines on the track “St Elmo’s Fire”

The charm of Forgotten Pleasures is the honest and vibrant feel to her words and the melodies that come with each story. The album is refreshing and surprising, not knowing where she will go melodically, or lyrically, it leaves you on the edge but promises to have you swaying along to every beat. Dressed with anthems for an electric youth and capturing feelings of being in the moment. Forgotten Pleasures is an album for what they say is a tainted generation, but this album makes you embrace the brokenness of fluctuating feelings and dance while doing so.

Post by Megan Hilario

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