Staff Picks - Jazz Cartier, Smileswithteeth, Fake Drugs

STAFF PICKS: Hotel Paranoia is Jazz Cartier’s coronation

Feb 4, 2016

PLUS: Smileswithteeth's new EP glows with energy of Montreal & Fake Drugs soundtrack the singularity (basically).

sophie product - staff picks

STAFF PICKS: SOPHIE’s PRODUCT ushers in the age of the 3D-printed pop star

Dec 3, 2015

The British producer's debut pushes the line between pop simulation and pop stardom well below the surface.

Carly Rae Jepsen - EMOTION - Album Review

STAFF PICKS: Carly Rae Jepsen can claim her crown with E•MO•TION

Aug 26, 2015

The 29-year-old singer's latest is packed with monster singles. Anyone still holding the "one-hit wonder" banner just isn't paying attention.

staff picks: kendrick lamar, courtney barnett, death grips

STAFF PICKS: Kendrick Lamar grapples with influence, Courtney Barnett turns her thoughts into anthems

Mar 25, 2015

In the first omnibus edition of Staff Picks, we digest Kendrick, find an entry point into Death Grips, and more...

Staff Picks - Screaming Females - Rose Mountain

STAFF PICKS: Screaming Females’ Rose Mountain battles frailty with stadium power

Feb 17, 2015

The New Jersey power trio's latest lays bare Marissa Paternoster's chronic illness with the fireworks of arena rock.

STAFF PICKS: Mount Eerie’s Sauna is the world according to Phil Elverum

Jan 29, 2015

On Sauna, Phil Elverum captures a grand, architectural vision of the world outside his Anacortes, Washington window.

viet cong album cover

STAFF PICKS: Viet Cong won’t be your Women 2

Jan 15, 2015

On their self-titled debut the Calgary post-punks don't offer a second coming of their old band. But in its place: a revival.