Modern Baseball - Tripping in the Dark (Modern Baseball Documentary)

Modern Baseball’s new documentary will make you call your loved ones instantly

The Philly musicians discuss mental health and their rise to being your next favourite band.

- Apr 6, 2016

If you ever want to be put in a good mood, you go see Philadelphia’s Modern Baseball perform live. With a snap of your fingers, you’ll have a smile on your face. That’s what makes the band's new mini-doc "Tripping in the Dark" so heartbreaking to watch at moments. The band, consisting of Brendan Lukens (guitar, vocals), Jake Ewald (guitar, vocals), Ian Farmer (bass, vocals) and Sean Huber (drums, vocals) was formed to be their outlet. The positivity was earned.

This cinematic 17-minute documentary, directed by Kyle Thrash also features their friends Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years and Cam Boucher of Sorority Noise. It details how they came together as a band and got to where they are today. It also includes the most spot on re-creation of the opening of Freaks and Geeks.

Modern Baseball - Tripping in the Dark (Modern Baseball Documentary)

Brendan opens up about his mental health struggles, something he’s been transparent about with his fans in recent months. “It’s not a joke to play around with depression or mental illness. It’s not wrong to seek help or receive help,” Lukens says poignantly.

For a band that’s on the ground level with their fans, it’s inspiring to hear for anyone else going through a similar situation. “Everyone included in the MoBo team is pretty much family,” says Ian. Seeing the band detail their own struggles will have you calling your own family instantly.

You’re Gonna Miss It All brought the band to heights they never could’ve imagined (including an upcoming video interview on Chart Attack.) The band is a month away from releasing their third full length LP, Holy Ghost, and from the songs released so far, the world is in for something open, honest and truly special.

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To get a glimpse into the music you won’t stop playing this summer, and the band you'll be buying tickets to see before they headline festivals, I suggest you watch it.

Modern Baseball's Holy Ghost will be released on May 13th on Run For Cover.

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