Chart Attack - The Albums That Defined 2015

The Albums That Defined 2015

Dec 30, 2015

From Lana Del Rey's distinctly female gaze to A$AP Rocky's psychedelic turn, we examine the releases that best defined the year in music.

2015 Personal Views Chart Attack

PERSONAL VIEWS: The Best of 2015 from Cities Across Canada

Dec 29, 2015

From Halifax to Dawson City, we asked members from music communities across the country to reflect on 2015 in their scene.

Best of Chart TV

The Best of Chart TV in 2015

Dec 23, 2015

From walking the red carpet at the Junos with Mac DeMarco to rolling with a rap crew for a day, these were my favourite videos I produced this year.

Perspectives on Canadian Music - The Charts

What it means that Canadian music ruled the charts this year

Dec 23, 2015

Led by The Weeknd, Drake and Justin Bieber, Canadian music was everywhere this year. Here's why it feels different.

The Best RAPID FIRE Answers of 2015

RAPID FIRE: 15 artists answer 31 questions in record time

Dec 23, 2015

Don't blink, you may miss a question or 6.

Perspectives on Canadian Music - The Canon

Canadian music journalism and its Polaris problem

Dec 22, 2015

The conception of what constitutes "Canadian music" is shifting from industry to critics, but that isn't erasing its problems.

Canadian Music Video Directors

6 of our favourite Canadian directors of 2015 on their year in music videos

Dec 21, 2015

Canada is developing a strong set of video auteurs. We caught up with the best from across the spectrum to discuss their medium.