Old And Weird

STAFF PICKS: Old and Weird’s What I Saw is a Halifax pop explosion

Get their joyfully unsettled sound in your world.

- Aug 26, 2014

Old and Weird's new album What I Saw reminds me of the best alternative minicomics on youthful confusion: focused on delivering a cohesive whole by drawing strength from its ambiguousness. The Halifax trio offer a frayed C86 sound and natural pop instincts, but its real strengths lie in how the songs feel drawn between different moods: manic, self-conscious, observant, friendly, kind, and on and on. Like early Happy Mondays missing its Xanax, Old and Weird are trying to eke out some fun from the occasionally nerve-racking present.

Buy Old and Weird's What I Saw on Bandcamp. $7. They've also got a cover story in Halifax's alt-weekly The Coast.

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