STAFF PICKS: Montreal art punk group Lungbutter kills it (and you) on new EP extractor

The most compulsively listenable doom you'll hear all week.

- Aug 20, 2014

Nothing in recent memory (at least since Kim Gordon's stunning Body/Head) has captured the reckless caterwaul of early Sonic Youth as effectively as Lungbutter. Their extractor EP is a loping, energetic collection of art punk that hits you in the chest like a bad case of angina and lingers in your brain long after the pain's gone. Opener "Vile" constantly reassesses where the edge is and goes there, screaming static through guitars and hellish, prophetic oaths of urban ennui. It's a very specific momentum that ebbs and flows for the remaining four tracks, but never fully releases its hold, like an impossibly rigored fist around your throat.

Lungbutter's new EP extractor is available on Bandcamp for $3.

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