STAFF PICKS: S.H.I.T.’s two 7″ records equal one of the best hardcore albums of the year

The Toronto punk all stars release a pair of caustic, breakneck EPs that make us worry for a generation.

- Jul 17, 2014

Between this Generation Shit 7’’ and the Collective Unconsciousness 7’’ previously released in March, S.H.I.T. have indirectly put out one of the best albums of the year. Though they were released separately, the material for both 7’’s were recorded at the same time with the help of “Fifth Beatle” and Toronto punk lifer Jonah Falco (watch him interview his Fucked Up bandmate Damian Abraham here).

This group are actually a bunch of lifers themselves, as S.H.I.T.’s lineup is exclusively made up of alumni from some of the city’s best hardcore bands (of recent memory) including Violent Future, Molested Youth, Urban Blight, Owl Eyes and Purity Control.

Generation Shit continues along the path set by the band on the Collective Unconsciousness release, saying what no amount of thinkpieces can about a generation, while distilling S.H.I.T.’s caustic sound into four songs that play at a breakneck pace. Guitars engulf each song, leaving vocalist Ryan to not so much scream over top of them as scream to avoid being swallowed up by them. On the title track he repeats “NAPALM THE KIDS,” not as an order or direction, but as an inevitability. Generation Shit’s future is looking grim.

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