THOMAS When i'm Weak I'm Strong

STAFF PICKS: Toronto experimental soul act THOMAS’ new album When I’m Weak, I’m Strong

It's the beginning of the end for Toronto's soul son.

- Jun 24, 2014

A Facebook post from Thom Gill declares that When I'm Weak, I'm Strong is the first installment of the final THOMAS recordings. I remember watching him play at The Tranzac in Toronto three years ago, and even today Janela holds up as an underbumped gem of experimental soul. THOMAS doesn't make bedroom music, though: When I'm Weak, I'm Strong is outside and looking under rocks, marvelling at the bugs, even if they're sort of terrifying.

Through its most vulnerable moments, the record is boosted by its surrounding community. Prince Nifty, Marcel Ramagnano and members of Weaves all contribute to test the tensile strength of the record's collage of weird noise and golden radio harmonies. Like a fish that spits bubbles so you can't see how deep it's going, When I'm Weak, I'm Strong has a playful and cerebral effervescence that will appeal to your favourite uncompromising poptimist.

Buy THOMAS's new album When I'm Weak, I'm Strong at Bandcamp.

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