Music Podcasts

The 10 Best Music Podcasts of 2014

Dec 19, 2014

Interviews with our favourite artists, meta-music criticism, U2-themed comedy riffing, song exploding and, yes, even Serial.

The Best of Essential Albums 2014

The Best of ESSENTIAL ALBUMS in 2014: 10 great artists talk influential records

Dec 18, 2014

Pixies talk Beatles, Greys talk Sloan, Sloan talk punk, Kevin Drew talks masturbation, and more talking from the year in record talk.

Death From Above 1979 - The Albums That Defined 2014

The Albums That Defined 2014: Death From Above 1979, Foo Fighters and the conservative co-opting of DIY

Dec 17, 2014

On their new albums, Death From Above 1979 and Foo Fighters aim for credibility by cribbing from their past.

Best Late Night Performances 2014

The 10 Best Late Night Performances of 2014

Dec 16, 2014

Because, every night, there's at least one great concert beamed into your living room.

Bry Webb Albums That Defined 2014

The Albums That Defined 2014: Bry Webb’s Free Will, Constantines’ Reunion and growing up punk

Dec 15, 2014

Like Fucked Up, Stephen Malkmus and others, Bry Webb is learning to balance punk ideals with age and responsibility.

The Best of Chart TV 2014

The Best of Chart TV in 2014

Dec 15, 2014

That time Mac DeMarco hit on us on camera, how we got kicked out of a notorious Toronto venue, and live from the JCC pool.

Bandcamp Discoveries (1)

Our 10 Favourite Bandcamp Discoveries of 2014

Dec 12, 2014

Spending so much time on Bandcamp yielded some treasures. Here are our picks.

Lewis - The Albums That Defined 2014

The Albums That Defined 2014: The Unlikely Year of Lewis

Dec 11, 2014

The enigmatic Canadian singer known as Lewis is a record collector's wet dream, but his strange, sudden reemergence this year is a phenomenon unique to the internet age.