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Facebook’s profanity filter blocked a band from promoting their show in Scunthorpe

Apr 8, 2016

If October Drift wants to spend money on Facebook, they'll have to pick a less obscene sounding town to play.

Somebody tabbed out Nick Jonas’ terrible guitar solo from the ACM Awards

Apr 5, 2016

It's perhaps the most memorable guitar solo of our generation, and thanks to guitarist John Huldt, now you can play it too.

Tearist’s Yasmine Kittles first to file sexual assault charges against Heathcliff Berru

Apr 1, 2016

Kittles hopes for change in the music industry, writing “the magnifying glass is on us.”

FULL SCREEN: ZONES’ “TIDES” is the disorienting head trip you want to take

Mar 16, 2016

PLUS: Humans' sisterhood of the traveling jacket, and an argument in song between Andrew Bird and Fiona Apple.

Toronto festival in jeopardy following promoter’s anti-Kesha Facebook post

Feb 29, 2016

After two bands and two venues pulled out of Hi-Fi Musical Adventure, the festival will now go on without its co-founder.

This painfully awkward rap battle aired live on Canada AM

Feb 17, 2016

The CTV morning show broadcast the gay joke-heavy rhyme-off and then immediately escorted the rappers out.

Making sense of this year’s music-related Oscar nominations

Jan 14, 2016

Canada's domination of the charts spreads to the Oscars, and the Academy recognizes a big year for music docs.