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PERSONAL VIEWS: A ground-level guide to Hamilton, Ontario’s music scene

Mar 19, 2015

Three scene fixtures from the so-called "armpit of Ontario" tell us their favourite music, venues and shows, from world famous to "Hamilton famous."

Silver Jews probably aren’t reuniting after all

Jan 13, 2015

Silver Jews songwriter David Berman has denied Bob Nastanovich's reunion rumour: "Bob pulled a prank."

The 10 Best Music Podcasts of 2014

Dec 19, 2014

Interviews with our favourite artists, meta-music criticism, U2-themed comedy riffing, song exploding and, yes, even Serial.

RAGS AND BONES: Toronto metal supergroup OLDE debut their monolithic “I”

Dec 2, 2014

Before our year-end column, listen to a roundup of some incredible heavy Canadian music you shouldn't overlook in December.

A Tribe Called Red “celebrate” Thanksgiving with “Burn Your Village To The Ground”

Nov 27, 2014

An anthem dedicated to one of the shadiest holidays on the calendar.

Damian Abraham finally gets a chance to talk with his new punk podcast

Nov 12, 2014

Listen to the first episode of the Fucked Up singer's new podcast, "Turned Out A Punk."

Brian Eno writes a letter condemning Israel’s “ethnic cleansing” of Gaza and America’s support

Jul 31, 2014

In an email to David Byrne, Eno confronts America's support for "racist" Israel.