all episodes:

ep. 1/8: Dusted

"Property Lines" live at the Toronto Public Library

ep. 2/8: Hooded Fang

"Ode To Subterrania" live in the Hooded Fang Basement

ep. 3/8: Rachel Zeffira

"Silver City Days" live at 2186dundas

ep. 4/8: Vinyl Williams

"Shield Zavior" live in Dan's bedroom

ep. 5/8: Tonstartssbandht

“Susie” live in our kitchen

ep. 6/8: DIANA

"Foreign Installation" live in their practice space/garage

ep. 7/8: Islands

"Shotgun Vision" live in New Hope Upholstering

ep. 8/8: Dinosaur Bones

"Spins in Circles" live on our roof

what's Deezer?

Deezer is an online music streaming service with a vast and comprehensive library of over 25 million songs. You can even use it for free - or get a Premium monthly subscription for ad-free service and enhanced sound quality. Upgrade to Premium+ for mobile streaming and the ability to sync songs to your phone for offline listening. We've embedded Deezer playlists alongside our Noisemakers videos, so try it out and see for yourself. | @DeezerCanada

what's Noisemakers?

Noisemakers is a video series produced by Chart Attack that captures one-time, one-song performances by our favourite emerging artists, off-stage and up-close. Basically, we convince a good band to hang out with us and play a song, point cameras and microphones at them, and then mix/edit until our ears/fingers start to bleed/break. This second season is made possible by Deezer. You can find all eighteen episodes from Season 1 here, including Mac DeMarco, The Antlers, Sloan, PS I Love You, Little Scream and more.