Blood Orange

Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes was racially profiled at a Berlin airport

Now it's dangerous to fly without old receipts, apparently.

- May 26, 2014

On Sunday, Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange was detained at an airport in Berlin and held until he produced receipts for electronics he had purchased a year ago. He tweeted the entire event, and claimed he was the victim of racial profiling. "Nothing new, sadly," he said at the conclusion of his account, but look on the bright side: for people of colour, we now have a new item on our checklist for dealing with customs at airports: 1) Give yourself a six hour buffer for connecting flights, 2) Don't look too foreign, 3) Don't look too "white American" and 4) Don't forget your passport, boarding pass, pre-written plea for amnesty to your member of parliament, and receipts for the stuff in your luggage!

Blood Orange's new album Cupid Deluxe is out now via Domino.
Blood Orange - Chamakay

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