USA Freedom Kids Freedom's Call Donald Trump

No musician is cool with Donald Trump, not even these hellspawn

Jul 28, 2016

The USA Freedom Kids never got paid, and now they want justice.

festival wristbands

There’s now scientific proof that festival wristbands are disgusting

Jul 27, 2016

Did you really need a microbiologist to tell you those crusty bracelets have germs on them, though?

Ian MacKaye Dischord Records Bandcamp

Dischord is uploading all its releases to Bandcamp

Jul 26, 2016

The legendary D.C. indie label joined Bandcamp and uploaded the punk mother lode.

David Bowie The Gouster box set

There’s an unreleased David Bowie album coming

Jul 26, 2016

The Gouster was recorded in 1974, just before he made Young Americans with John Lennon and Harry Maslin.

gucci mane mike will made-it prison text message

Gucci Mane wrote his new album in prison based on beats described in text messages

Jul 19, 2016

Is a trap hi-hat more like "te te te te te te" or "prrrrrrrrrrrrr"? Can WikiLeaks please get these texts? 

taylor swift

Taylor Swift turns heel

Jul 18, 2016

The Album of the Year champion has gained unmistakable heat in her ongoing feud with her rival Kanye West.

Killer Mike hot 107.9 banks

Killer Mike gets Atlanta residents to move more than $800K to black-owned bank

Jul 15, 2016

Since Killer Mike appeared on Hot 107.9, more than 8,000 people have moved their money to Citizens Trust Bank.