Fiver, Constantines, Austra and more sign petition in support of the women affected by Jian Ghomeshi’s abuse

Oct 30, 2014

Musicians across Canada come together to applaud the bravery of his accusers.

drake views from the 6

Drake releases three new songs, terrorizes D.C. strip club

Oct 27, 2014

The leadup to Views From The 6 continues with new music and memes.

Taylor Swift

8 songs Canada should send to the charts with Taylor Swift’s “Track 3″

Oct 22, 2014

Canada loves the new, experimental Taylor Swift. We should love these songs just as much.

Save the Toronto rave forum The Vault with this crowdfunding campaign

Oct 21, 2014

$500 is needed by November 1 to preserve an archive of Toronto's legendary rave culture. The fundraiser tells me why that should happen.

fka twigs google glass

NSA FKA twigs makes a gorgeous ad for Google Glass

Oct 20, 2014

Her choreography is now a state secret.

meow the jewels

Run The Jewels charity cat noise album Meow The Jewels has been Kickstarted

Oct 15, 2014

Fully funded with 12 days left. The Internet.

thom yorke tomorrows modern boxes

Sober Second Look: Thom Yorke won’t top Billboard, SXSW won’t ban unofficial events

Oct 3, 2014

Plus, Urban Outfitters is not the biggest seller of vinyl in the world. Amazon is.


Prince only answered one question on his Facebook Q&A. Here are some he missed

Oct 1, 2014

Some leftovers from the stalled Facebook session that require urgent responses.