New Songs: Grizzly Bear debut “Mourning Sound”, Only Yours is “Waiting”

Get in the mood for summer with our synth-heavy list of the week’s best new songs.

- May 18, 2017

Only Yours – Waiting

Brazenly 80’s sounding, “Waiting” is a synth-pop track that will put you in the mood for summer, drawing to mind sunny days and poolside parties. The crowd-friendly chorus is melodic and jubilant, complementing the crisp rhythmic sections between each refrain.

Sam Void – On My Mind

Another summery song, “On My Mind” will get your foot tapping with its hard-hitting beat and uplifting vocals. It’s got an undeniable disco vibe to it, making it just as suitable for the dance floor as it is for your morning jog.

Grizzly Bear – Mourning Sound

More synths! Released alongside the announcement of their highly-anticipated fifth album, Painted Ruins, “Mourning Sound” is even more upbeat than our previous entries. The vocals are emotive, the production clean, and the energy ever-present. This is Grizzly Bear at their best.

Beach House – Chariot

Off their upcoming B-Sides and Rarities, our first thought on “Chariot” is that it sounds way too good to be a B-side, but then again this is Beach House, and we’ve learned to expect quality from the Baltimore dream pop duo. Slow and wraith-like, the hazy vocals and background synths are the highlight of this song.

Bleachers – Everybody Lost Somebody

We’re still in the realm of synth pop, but this song is a bit less low key than the others on this list. With its stadium-sized chorus and the typically precise production, “Everybody Lost Somebody” simply sounds big, and has us more than a little excited for Bleachers’ upcoming album – Gone Now.

Post by Dan Goldsmith

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