New Music: Cadence Weapon is Playoff-ready with “Connor McDavid”

Get pumped for playoff season with Cadence Weapon’s new Connor McDavid-themed song.

- Apr 13, 2017

Cadence Weapon – Connor McDavid

If you like hockey and hip hop, this one is for you. Unless you’re from Calgary. And don’t write it off before you listen, Cadence Weapon’s latest track is filled with hockey references beyond McDavid and shows off the rapper’s Canadian roots.

Mac DeMarco – On the Level

The third single off the upcoming This Old Dog, “On the Level” is a sluggish, hazy song that takes a turn from DeMarco’s typical output. Slowly building, the song is synth-infused and dreamy, with lyrics that apparently reflect DeMarco’s personal life: “This record has a lot to do with my family and my life right now and the way I’m feeling,” he has been quoted saying.

The Chainsmokers – Young

The penultimate song off their new album, “Young” is a melancholy song about the failed relationships we have when we’re young, and the small moments that lead to the end. It sounds sad, but there’s hope in this song too: “The contention is that we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves for the things that didn’t work out,” a Facebook post from the band says.

Gorillaz feat. Pusha T and Mavis Staples – Let Me Out

We’re always excited to hear new Gorillaz, but Pusha T steals the show on this one. Said to be written “from the perspective of a Trump (election) win,” the song features some blistering and socially conscious rhymes.

Kan Wakan – Still Feather

Original and cinematic, this impeccably produced song is difficult to categorize, but that seems to be the point. Its guitar, piano and drumbeat lend themselves to a more traditional sound, while the echoed vocals and electronic-tinged production give it a  progressive twist.

Post by Dan Goldsmith

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