New Music: Notaker emerges with “Abyss”, alt-J release new song “In Cold Blood”

Ballads abound in our list of the week’s best new music.

- Mar 30, 2017

London Grammar - Truth is a Beautiful Thing

The title track off this UK group’s upcoming album is a slow, mournful ballad about unrequited love. The song is sparse, featuring only a piano and Hannah Reid’s powerful vocals. This arrangement works well, lending itself to the song’s somber tone.

Notaker – Abyss

Notaker’s contribution to the upcoming mau5trap compilation is a dark, 80’s tinged EDM banger. Featuring samples of actual crashing waves, it is an atmospheric exploration of the depths below. Speeding up and slowing down repeatedly, the song evokes waves in more ways than one as it builds up and crashes down throughout its runtime.

Slowdive – Sugar for the Pill

The second single off their upcoming self-titled album, “Sugar for the Pill” is a triumphant return for Slowdive after their long hiatus. Sounding like something off the Friday Night Lights soundtrack, it is a moody mix of ethereal strings and mumbled harmonies, held up by some foot tapping-inducing drums. We like where Slowdive is going with this, here’s to hoping that the rest of the album follows its lead.

The Chainsmokers – The One

The Chainsmokers go in a new direction with this song, far removed from their EDM roots. A quick-paced piano ballad with synthy harmonies, “The One” tells the story of a deteriorating relationship, where neither person wants to be the one to end it. It may be a departure from their usual sound, but The Chainsmokers have a great new song here.

alt-J – In Cold Blood

Probably the weirdest song on our list, “In Cold Blood” is a roller coaster of different sounds. Shirking traditional song structure, we hear key changes, reggae, indie rock, horns and organ music as the song flows from verse to verse, held together by an epic “la la la” hook.

Post by Dan Goldsmith

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