New Slowdive 2017

New Slowdive. New DMX. What year is this?

Did you expect to wake up to new music by DMX, Slowdive, and Spiral Stairs? Us neither.

- Jan 12, 2017

The credit card statement I just looked at says it's 2017, but all the new music just dropped puts it some time in the middle 1990s (and I must be late for grade 3, yikes).

When you fell asleep last night, somewhere near the end of the "Grasslands" episode of Planet Earth 2, something must've happened. A wormhole? A glitch in the architecture of space-time? An alternate reality where the 1990s and the present day coexist peacefully? Maybe it's all a grand collusion of PR efforts baiting exactly this post.

Whichever it may be: did you think you'd wake up to new Slowdive? Or the announcement that Aaliyah's music is finally available online (probably not for long). What about fresh DMX?

After reuniting in 2014 and announcing that the band was at work on new material in 2016, "Star Roving" is shoegaze apex band Slowdive's first new release in 22 years. That trademark Slowdive "whoosh" just feels warm and fuzzy, doesn't it? They say that, in uncomfortable times, we turn to comfort food.

Slowdive - Star Roving

And speaking of comfort food, another familiar voice has returned to our speakers (now the bark of a more mature dog). Hardcore rap dream team DMX and Swizz Beatz reunite for "Bain Iz Back." DMX was once the biggest thing in rap, but hip-hop went a different path. Maybe the Dark Man saw the bat signal and thought 2017 was just the time to swoop in.

And to make the trend complete and reportable (there's a shitty, but not untrue joke about how journalists count to three), here's a sentence you probably could've read in a 1995 issue of Chart: founding Pavement guitarist Spiral Stairs is back with a new album. Scott Kannberg has announced his first solo album in nearly 10 years and it features some plaidrock heavyweights: Matt Berninger of The National, Kevin Drew and Justin Peroff of Broken Social Scene, Kelley Stoltz, and Adam Wade of Shudder To Think.

The video for "Dance (Cry Wolf)," premiering today, features Jason Lytle of Modesto indie rock band Grandaddy — another '90s time traveller.

Spiral Stairs - Dance (Cry Wolf) (Official Video)

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