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NOW HEAR THIS: Austra remixes Casey Mecija in support of Standing Rock

PLUS: Tasha the Amazon drops the throttle on her new EP and Bernice thinks about her ancestors.

- Nov 15, 2016
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the day. Today, Austra turns Casey Mecija's downtempo into dance to benefit a good cause, Tasha the Amazon delivers her much-anticipated EP, and Bernice climbs the family tree.

Casey Mecija, "Gonna Gun" (Austra Remix)

At the beginning of the year, Ohbijou's Casey Mecija released her debut solo album, Psychic Materials. We called it a rumination on "queerness, diaspora and heritage, echoing the emotional yearning of Ohbijou with new electronic touches." Now, Austra has reimagined the slow-burning "Gonna Gun" as a sleek dance track. All proceeds from the single will go to benefit the efforts at Standing Rock. Katie Stelmanis shared a few thoughts on the project:

"Casey made one of my favourite records of 2016 with Psychic Materials. I love the production and the songwriting on that record, and I especially felt the strong melody of 'Gonna Gun' would work really well as a dance track. The remix is a little more EDM-y than a normal Austra song, but it was super fun to be able to do something slightly out of my element; the whole time I was working on the track I was imagining it being played at all the queer dance parties of Toronto."

Hear that, DJs?

The Casey Mecija/Austra remix "Gonna Gun" is available for purchase now. All proceeds will be donated to support the efforts at Standing Rock.

Tasha the Amazon, Die Every Day

When Toronto rapper Tasha the Amazon released "Prayer," a percussive, off-road 4x4 demo of tremendous skill, we said get onboard before it's too late. Now, she's heading out to L.A. to play with YG. The truck's leaving. And just as she drops the throttle, she also drops her much-anticipated EP, co-produced by Tasha and Danthrax (together, as Bass & Bakery). It's your last chance to catch up. By the time she's back, the kids in their basements and bedrooms working on drum machines will be talking about the New New Toronto Sound, and it'll sound a lot like this.

Tasha the Amazon's Die Every Day is out now.

Bernice, St Lucia

Eclectipop singer/songwriter Robin Dann has been making a name for herself in Toronto among those who know where to listen, and now she shares her first Arts & Craft single with her project Bernice. She deserves the extra boost. "St Lucia" is a rubbery R&B track bounced high into the clouds — way up to the plane of New Age or devotional — by Dann's quartzy choral arrangements. It is an exploration of maternal ancestry and the inheritance of traits, inspired by Dann's great aunt Irene. "St Lucia" is a celebration of the many souls that live on in each of us.

Bernice's "St Lucia" single is out now via Arts & Crafts.

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