Beach Season

Beach Season have your new sensual anthem with “Pink Room”

The R&B/electronic duo from Calgary turn up the temperature.

- Nov 4, 2016
Photo by Stephanie Hoegh

Hoping tonight’s the night? Allow me to bring you into the world that Calgary duo Sam Avant and Simon Blitzer, who make up the R&B/electronic duo Beach Season, have created.

"Pink Room" opens approaching a candlelit room with velvet curtains and stained glass windows. With the flick of a light switch, you’re thrown in a bougie nightclub at midnight. Eyes locked onto a new love across the floor, there’s a spark in your body that shoots your spine straight and puts stars in your eyes.

Featuring silver-smooth falsetto, '80s guitar licks and a sensual aura, you can feel the temperature in your body rising with every passing second that you listen. Which is to say, this latest single from Beach Season is your new official anthem for when things are heating up with a lover.

This all makes sense because the meaning of the track, the band says, "alludes to the lights and colours associated with our forthcoming Libra Year EP, as well as a subtle sensual metaphor for intimacy."

The colour range that washes over you is built into the making of the song. "We had been using red and blue light bulbs to create a certain pinkish purple light for the shoot," the group shares, "and incidentally, the lights were set up in our office/studio space as Sam began to write the record. The mood in the room, and the vibe that had just been set with the photo shoot is what laid the groundwork for 'Pink Room.'"

We feel it.

Beach Season's forthcoming EP, Libra Year, is out November 9th on Universal Music Canada.

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