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PREMIERE: War Nurse emerge from the abyss with “Hounds” and a full-blown manifesto

An anonymous new Canadian industrial-rock band. Or are they some sort of radical socialist uprising?

- Oct 25, 2016

War Nurse is an anonymous new Canadian band industrial-punk synth rock band, emerging from the abyss on Chart Attack today. Or are they a neo-pacifist dystopian death cult? Some sort of anti-gun, anti-war socialist uprising? Thesaurus salesmen, radical politics edition?

Listen to their first-pumping debut song "Hounds" below and then read their words to decide for yourself. When an attempt at an interview turns into a full-blown manifesto, you know you're not dealing with your usual indie band.

Chart Attack: What does War Nurse stand for?

War Nurse: Children of war. Calling all children of war. Calling us all children of war. Distress permeates the existence of humanity in a supposedly post-war era. What counts as war? What is not a recognizable conflict? All children of the world are children of war. There are no innocent, there is no innocence. Privilege is a perspectival reality that constructs the basis of our self-understanding. Military might brought forth a boom of babies moulded as military minstrels and mistresses, and the perpetrator complex becomes more complex as it is perpetuated. Distress is calling for an end to the complex. There is no complex. The complex is the copy.

Why do we need War Nurse?

To end the dream of reality and the perpetuation of the complex of military might and privilege that constitutes the basis of the so-called democracy upon which our virulently violent society is constructed is the dream. The dream is to destroy the dream. The dream is the copy.

What is "Hounds" about?

Pretenders. Villains. Fraudulent and duplicitous. Symbols you have shared with colluding forces of cogitators conspire to hunt as only the imperium knows best. Devoid of a calculable exit, lash for lash, your best enemy strategically incorporates your best incorporeal self as an illusion of remembrance to ultimate insignificance.

War Nurse's debut EP Distress Calling is out November 11 on Automatic Memory. Pre-0rder here.

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