NOW HEAR THIS: Four under-the-radar gems from Toronto

Have you heard the new Afterimage, EONS, Elaquent or New Fries? You should.

- Oct 18, 2016
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the day. Today, an EP from a Tranzac super duo, soulful beats from Elaquent, tightly-wound No Wave from New Fries, and harmony-laden folk from EONS.

 Afterimage, Gumball EP

Roughly this time last month, we were introduced to the Ben Gunning-Robin Dann duo, POM, and today we meet another Gunning team-up. He and Thom Gill, two oddball, virtuosic talents from Toronto's Tranzac scene, make good on a "beer-inspired" idea to turn their carnivalesque R&B visions towards writing house music. Afterimage's three-song Gumball EP is streaming now. Built on playful, plasticky synths, tropical tones, and soul voices, it's more funhouse, than house proper. - Chris Hampton

Elaquent, "Nollieflip"

Elaquent - Nollieflip

Ontario producer Elaquent waited long enough for his retro-leaning aesthetic to sound brand new. Boom bap drums coming out of your speakers, warm, jazzy instrumentation — these beats would sound right at home under a Kendrick or Anderson .Paak verse. Quick, what's the Canadian Brainfeeder? - Richard Trapunski

Elaquent's new "turning 30" record Worst Case Scenario is out December 2 digitally and January 6 on vinyl via URBNET.

EONS, "White Feather Roses"

Under the massive gothic choir and beneath the gruff counterpoint of Neil Haverty, Matt Cully and Misha Bower form the smooth, harmony-laden folk side of Bruce Peninsula. Cully's solo project EONS isolates both of them on the pastoral pluck of "White Feather Roses." But "stripped-down" is relative; this is still pretty epic. A love song with a dark edge.

Long Walks is due out digitally on November 4, 2016 on Bruce Trail Records and also as a 44-page risograph-printed book (with download code) featuring hand-drawn maps, photography, lyrics, writingand collageEONS will play a release show in Toronto the same night (November 4) at The Burdock with The Acorn. - Richard Trapunski

New Fries, "Mary Poppins' Pockets"

New Fries' music always sounds like it's about to collapse under its own fragile energy, like the slightest budge could send them right into cacophony. But here the Toronto No Wave band has added some bright synths into its mix and that tightly-wound chaos stays ever so barely contained. It's hard to capture the dangerous feeling of the New Fries live show, but with the help of producer Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck) they're getting there. - Richard Trapunski

New Fries' new album More is out November 25 on Telephone Explosion.

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