Germaphobes Fiji Whizz

NOW HEAR THIS: Germaphobes’ Fiji Whizz makes nerd pop shimmer

PLUS: Casper Skulls do a dead man's errands and Future States build their puzzle.

- Oct 3, 2016
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the day. Today, Germaphobes share their debut LP, Casper Skulls examine difficult truths, and Future States play best when they play playfully.

GermaphobesFiji Whizz

After 2015's Magic Eye EP put the band on our list of exciting emerging acts, Toronto-based protractor pop act Germaphobes deliver their debut full-lengthFiji Whizz. Over nine tracks, the band reintroduces itself as a shimmering and sophisticated hi-fi pop ensemble, scoured and polished of new wave's early edges — as if XTC followed Drums and Wires with Skylarking.

Germaphobes' Fiji Whizz is out October 7 on Pleasence Records.

Casper Skulls, "Errands"

In "Errands," Toronto post-punks Casper Skulls explore how none of us are without our flaws — however oblivious we might be. Griping in tenative, Malkmusian amble, our narrator describes running errands for his father, recently deceased. He resents the man whom he regards as sexist, egotistical, and ignorant. He hopes that, at the very least, he gets some money for his efforts. Blindered by righteousness, he reveals his own ugliness.

Casper Skulls' Lips & Skull is out October 28 on Buzz Records.

Future States, "Lulu"

Art pop five-piece Future States from Ottawa and Montreal build "Lulu" like a puzzle. They start with the edges: a structural vocal melody. Then, they scan for colours and shapes, finessing corresponding chunks together, finding a notch for every keyhole. It's a gorgeous, intricate, and dynamic piece of musicianship made better by a lively sense of play.

Future States' Casual Listener is out October 28 on Golden Brown.

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