No King For Countrymen

PREMIERE: No King For Countrymen find their purpose in “Days Like These”

The Hamilton group latch onto the special people in their life for a heroic new song.

- Sep 30, 2016

This is a celebration for No King For Countrymen. A celebration of finding guidance, what you need, and knowing it’s okay to not be okay.

“Days Like These” feels heroic. It sweeps you off your feet and thrusts you into the air, giving you a purpose, one that most likely has you hugging the people that matter most to you.

As singer Dave Lindsay explains in an email to Chart Attack, that sentiment is intertwined in the background of the song, which we're debuting below. “By mid-2015, I was just about ready to quit the band life for good and focus my time and energy on something else. I probably would have too, if not for those special people in my life who remind me, each day, why I started this project in the first place.”

No King For Countrymen - Days Like These

The visual, directed by long-time collaborator Miguel Barbosa, for the Hamilton group’s latest is strikingly beautiful. Your retinas are taken on a picturesque journey through Canada. The images allow you time to breathe them in and never rush you. Sit there with a coffee, hit full screen, kick your feet up and relax. Give your eyes a little vacation for three and a half minutes, and allow your ears to dive into the swirling, twinkling guitars. Like a swing, the chorus always comes whipping back, faster and more exhilarating than the last.

It's “a song about finding hope, when it seems you have none at all. It's about believing that, someday, the years of struggle will add up to something but it's OK to admit that you can't make it alone.”

Catch No King For Countrymen on their 4 month tour across Canada, performing in over 70 high schools in cooperation with a motivational organization called Live Different.

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