NOW HEAR THIS: Toronto pros Ben Gunning and Robin Dann come together as POM

PLUS: Lou Barlow covers Peter Gabriel, and Kim Gordon makes her solo debut at age 63.

- Sep 14, 2016
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the day. Today, a subset of the Toronto scene forms yet another great project, Lou Barlow covers Peter Gabriel, and Kim Gordon goes solo... finally.

POM, "Echo"

Toronto multi-talents Ben Gunning and Robin Dann (Bernice) join up for POM. "Echo," the first song from their forthcoming EP, is a shimmering, crystallized R&B number bent more towards the imaginary by its mysterious synths — the cave opens up into a giant chamber lit by glowing rocks.

Gunning told us more about the project: "POM has been a really fruitful and balanced collaboration — both of us have strong opinions on harmony, form, arrangement, and sounds but I think we share most of the the same musical sensibilities, especially a desire to ensure that the outcome is attractive but not predictable. Lots of attention is paid to the details to accomplish this; the specifics of our micro-decisions might be boring and technical to a listener but I think they give the music the kind of life we want it to have."

I'll follow these two wherever; they always find magic. - Chris Hampton

Lou Barlow, "In Your Eyes" (Peter Gabriel cover)

lou barlow: in your eyes (peter gabriel cover)

Yes, this is the song John Cusack plays outside Ione Skye's window on the boombox in Say Anything. Here, set to a collage of tour and home videos, king of '90s lo-fi, Lou Barlow, covers the king of '80s hi-fi. The song's wistfulness survives Barlow's paring, in fact, it becomes more pronounced. - Chris Hampton

Kim Gordon, "Murdered Out"

Kim Gordon - "Murdered Out"

It's hard to say Kim Gordon has laid low since the dissolution of Sonic Youth — she moved back to California, refocused her efforts on her visual art career, played in the improv noise duo Body/Head, took a few acting gigs, and, oh yeah, wrote her memoirs, Girl In A Band. But it's only now that the 63-year-old living embodiment of cool finally steps into the spotlight, musically, with her very first solo song under her own name. Ever.

An industrial noise-pop song about the act of "murdering out" (i.e. black matte spray, tinted windows, blackened logos, and black wheels) your vehicle. Part of Los Angeles' neo-car culture, it's a new beginning — "the ultimate expression in digging out, getting rid of, purging the soul," Gordon puts it.

It's not surprising that Kim Gordon's post-upheaval solo debut would carry such a concept, but what is surprising is how funky the thing is. Groovey. - Richard Trapunski

Kim Gordon's "Murdered Out" is out now on Matador.

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