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PREMIERE: L CON beams down future folklore with “Form of Space”

Toronto-based singer/songwriter Lisa Conway shares this stirring track from her forthcoming LP Moon Milk.

- Sep 8, 2016
Photo by: Jamie Onions

Inspired by Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics, Toronto multi-talent L CON a.k.a. Lisa Conway (also of Del Bel) has blasted into the sky's near infinite maw for Moon Milk, sending back these few transmissions, both cryptic and stirring.

"Form of Space," premiering today on Chart Attack, appears as a folktale delivered from some distant, future colony. Based on the Italian writer's short story "The Form of Space," the song tells of a cosmic love triangle.

"Our narrator eternally falls into the deep and dark celestial void, forever in parallel with the woman of his dreams and his nemesis," says Conway. "All parties try and get the attention of one another — shifting and turning, trying to intersect and connect, though perpetually failing — destined to continue on separate paths for eternity."

The drum machines and sculpted synths locate the transmission's origin to a more advanced star, but its baroque orchestral arrangements and L CON's supple voice tell us it's human — and achingly so.

L CON's Moon Milk is out October 7 on Wildlife Sanctuary Sound Recordings.

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