WTCHS You Own Your Bones

PREMIERE: Hamilton’s WTCHS have become a massive post-rock monster

Listen to "You Own Your Bones" below and cower in fear.

- Sep 7, 2016

It's been two years since we last heard from Hamilton ghouls WTCHS. In that time, the band's underwent big lineup changes, acquiring members of Mare and Lizzy Boredom. They also scrapped an album. "It's been a struggle to stay alive, for the band and in our personal lives," singer and guitarist Jag says. They've built those demons into the forthcoming LP She Walks She Creeps, finally ready to take flight at the end of October.

With "You Own Your Bones," the first sight of the bigger, badder WTCHS, the cave punks have outgrown their lair and venture out into the night now a lumbering post-rock monster. Eschaton's horns join them to light the way.

Jag explains what the band wanted to capture on "You Own Your Bones":

We wanted to keep the rhythm simple. We wanted to have a lot of noise. We wanted to play longer songs and steer away from our past. We wanted to incorporate more people, more sounds. We asked Connor Bennett and Aaron Hutchinson a.k.a. Eschaton on horns to fully realize the soundscape we had envisioned in our heads. We wanted more noise and more noise and more noise. We wanted to stop playing conventionally or not play at all while more noise fizzled out.

The song is about acceptance. Accepting yourself and others. It's who we are in a nutshell. We answer to no one, no one but ourselves and coming to terms with everything around us in the universe. We're paying attention to ourselves. You Own Your Bones.

WTCHS have become massive in hiding!


WTCHS' She Walks She Creeps is out October 28 on Sonic Unyon Records.

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