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Tim Heidecker baits the alt-right with “I Am A Cuck”

Sung to the tune of "I Am A Rock," it's the pro-cuck anthem the internet has been waiting for.

- Aug 29, 2016

If you've spent any time on the alt-right internet (which is basically anywhere with the word "Trump" and a comment section) chances are you've come across the word "cuck." Officially, it's a term for a man who has been cuckolded by his wife, i.e. cheated on, usually by a black man.

In the 2016 American election from hell, however, it's come to be a stand-in for "liberal." Any time a male celebrity says something that could remotely be construed as P.C., or pro-multiculturalism, anti-racist, etc, you'll see hordes of avatar-less Twitter trolls hatch to deliver that same one-word message: "cuck."

Comedian/musician Tim Heidecker, normally deadpan to the point of confusion, has been letting his absurdist veneer crack just enough of late to show how he really feels about Donald Trump and the four or more nightmare years that could be coming. So he's been called "cuck" a lot lately. And now he's decided to reclaim it.

Heidecker's new song "I Am A Cuck" combines his rapidly sharpening satire with his love of singer/songwriters, replacing the lyrics of Simon & Garfunkel's "I Am A Rock" with a laundry list of alt-right zingers: homophobia, xenophobia, tinfoil hat conspiracy theories. He gathers the insults hurled at him by trolls and he wears them all proudly.

"I Am A Cuck" is a new Tim Heidecker classic to go alongside old favourites like "Our Values Are Under Attack." Discuss it on your favourite subreddit.


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