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NOW HEAR THIS: Ziibiwan’s Time Limits kicks off a new label dedicated to Indigenous music

PLUS: Harrison and a l l i e got the bubbles, but Sugg Savage's got the party.

- Aug 15, 2016
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the day. Today, Toronto-based producer Ziibiwan marks the beginning of RPM Records, Harrison and a l l i e mix up a funk-pop cocktail, and 88 Days of Fortune's Sugg Savage starts a party, dawg.

ZiibiwanTime Limits

Ziibiwan is an Anishinaabe experimental electronic producer from Toronto. Time Limits, his latest, is a new 6-song EP that traverse hip-hop, R&B, trip-hop and ambient music. It renders fantastical musical environments in startling fidelity. You can't help but let your mind wander inside.

Ziibiwan's EP is the first release from RPM Records, a Toronto-based label dedicated to contemporary Indigenous music. Speaking with The FADER, RPM co-founder Jarrett Martineau discussed the importance of building infrastructure for Indigenous artists:

We are interested in artists who are working across genres, and are inspired by aspects of traditional stuff but are pushing the boundaries. We’re starting a label in response to the fact that we’ve had so many artists come to us with projects being like, ‘Here’s something that we’ve made but we’re not sure where to go with it.’ Or, ‘Would you guys be able to help facilitate this?’ We get that all of the time. There is a lot of talent here and we should be working to cultivate the community on that side too.

Ziibiwan's Time Limits is out now on RPM Records.

Harrison ft. a l l i e, "Vertigo"

Harrison's "Vertigo" taps Toronto R&B vocalist a l l i e for an intoxicating, effervescent funk-pop cocktail — all bubbles and candy-coloured syrup 'til you find yourself fully under the influence, shaking your shoulders at your desk, wondering where's good next, especially at this time of day.

Harrison's Checkpoint Titanium is out September 9 on Last Gang Records.

Sugg Savage, "Party Dawg"

And speaking of 'where's good next.' Member of Toronto collective 88 Days of Fortune, L.A. singer/rapper Sugg Savage delivers her frosty house party jam, polished and postured, over a flickering little loop and a throwback R&B hook you'll pick up by the second go-round. Put it on your weekend playlist now. Better yet, just keep it on repeat until then.

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