Grimes Medieval Warfare suicide squad

Maybe Grimes has always belonged on the soundtrack of a summer blockbuster

PLUS: Lil Yachty goes K-pop and ANOHNI performs two unreleased tracks.

- Aug 3, 2016
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the day. Today, Grimes proves she could have been on the soundtrack to 1998's Godzilla, Lil Yachty chats with cardboard cutouts of K-pop stars, and ANOHNI closes the chasm between art pop and pop proper.

Grimes, "Medieval Warfare"

I didn't really know it until I heard it, but a big budget comic book movie is the perfect environment for a Grimes song. The only way this could be more Grimes is if said movie came out in 1998 — the suspenseful industrial pop of "Medieval Warfare" could fit just as easily on the soundtrack to Godzilla. I mean that in a good way... I think.

Side note: Atlantic Records recently subpoenaed Reddit to find out who leaked the last Suicide Squad song because it interfered with their "carefully-planned" marketing strategy. If that strategy involved Zane Lowe obnoxiously talking over songs he's meant to promote then thank fucking god for Reddit. - Richard Trapunski

Suicide Squad: The Album is out August 5 via Atlantic.

Lil YachtyBIG BOAT

Lil Yachty loves BIGBANG! Presents to you his tribute project BIG BOAT

For anyone born before 1997, the soft narcotic warblings of Lil Yachty can feel a bit like this, and this new video will only intensify the feeling. BIG BOAT is a half-joke/half-ultra-sincere tribute to Korean stars BIGBANG. Lil Boat freestyles over songs like "LA-LA-LA" in between conversations with the cardboard cutout of every member of the group. You don't know whether to put your forehead on your palm or celebrate the final stage of the hip-hop/K-pop crossover that the world actually maybe kinda needs. So, in conclusion: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Richard Trapunski

ANOHNI, "In My Dreams" / "Paradise"

Accompanied by Oneohtrix Point Never and engineer Chris Elms, ANOHNI performed two unreleased tracks on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show Tuesday night. HOPELESSNESS might be album of te year, so yes please, bonus material. The pair of songs — a delicate interlude, then a HudMo-heavy banger, each marked by her aerobatic voice — makes me believe that, with ANOHNI, the chasm between art pop and pop proper has closed. She sits between Rihanna and Kate Bush. The new material start at 21:50, but the program also includes performances of the already great "Drone Bomb Me" and "Why Did You Separate Me From the Earth?"Chris Hampton

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