NOW HEAR THIS: FRIGS turn your brain to Slush

PLUS: Lido Pimienta reworks "Work" and Kool A.D. ditches hip-hop.

- Jun 10, 2016
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the day. Today, FRIGS spends some time in the sun, Kool A.D. is reborn, and Lido Pimienta reworks "Work."


FRIGS' Slush EP is here, featuring four swampy, atmospheric tunes from the Toronto four-piece. It's the sonic equivalent of that half-awake sun drunkenness you get after spending too much time at the beach, but you're not quite ready to go home yet. Just bask in it. - Adam Pugsley

FRIGS' Slush EP is out now via Arts & Crafts.


Alright, so Kool A.D. is dead. R.I.P. So I guess now we have Zombie Kool A.D, who's bored with rapping and wants to try something different. This new project swaps out hip-hop altogether for a garage/psych vibe, and it actually works. I suspect he's been listening to a lot of Ty Segall lately. - Adam Pugsley

Lido Pimienta, "Camellando" (Rihanna "Work" Remix)

The problem with most covers of Rihanna's "Work" is that they either flatten and whitewash its patois-inflected flavour (in turn, inspiring the marvel that is #trapcovers) or imitate it unconvincingly.

In "Camellando," Colombian-Canadian singer/artist Lido Pimienta uses its infectious beat as a canvas for a whole new work — one in which "work" becomes the imbalance between emotional and economic labour of men and women in Barranquilla. In rewriting Rihanna's lyrics wholesale, she captures the spirit of the song: it's regional, personal, and, because it's Lido Pimienta, also bitingly political.

Read her full explanation of the new Spanish lyrics at Remezcla. - Richard Trapunski

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