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NOW HEAR THIS: BADBADNOTGOOD lead a masterclass in groove

PLUS: Floating Points hopes you packed your headphones and get Odonis Odonis get as dark as humanly possible

- May 19, 2016
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the day. Today, BADBADNOTGOOD and Future Islands' Sam Herring chill the fuck out, Floating Points leads an 18-minute expedition into the outer territories of jazz, Moonface asks if he's still punk, and Odonis Odonis sing about the blackest substance on earth.

BADBADNOTGOOD ft. Sam Herring, "Time Moves Slow"

Time. Moves. Slow. Yep, this is dope. With the help of Future Islands' Sam Herring, BADBADNOTGOOD carve out what Zane Lowe refers to as a "timeless groove," using warm, slick guitar chords and glowing synths to bathe this track in rays of summer sunlight. If you weren't already excited to hear the Toronto jazz rats' new album, this song might be the one to push you over the edge. Excuse me while I grab my bathing suit and head to the beach. - Adam Pugsley

BADBADNOTGOOD's IV is set for July 8th release date via Innovative Leisure.

Moonface and Siinai, "Them Call Themselves Old Punks"

Moonface and Siinai - Them Call Themselves Old Punks

Spencer Krug's music has always seemed to flow outwards. But it's hard to ignore the timing of his new Moonface single "Them Call Themselves Old Punks," released against the backdrop of a well-hyped Wolf Parade comeback and its accompanying '00s nostalgia thinkpieces. "There's nothing punk about that," Krug warbles over spacious kraut-psych synths.

And, sure, it's part of a self-contained story. But at a time when Wolf Parade's brand of indie rock is starting to feel like a relic weighed against event releases of albums by Drake, Beyoncè, Kanye, et al, it's hard not to look at its themes of aging and purity and changing values as something of a self-interrogation. For Krug fans, these might be the words ringing through their minds as he takes the stage with Wolf Parade. - Richard Trapunski

Moonface and Siinai's My Best Human Face comes out June 3 on Jagjaguwar. Stream Wolf Parade's new EP 4 here.

Floating Points, "Kuiper"

After the release of his seriously fantastic electronic/jazz album Elaenia back in November, Sam Shepherd a.k.a. Floating Points is back with an 18-minute epic. Building on an initial drum machine pattern and synth atmosphere, Shepherd and his band build moments of extreme tension before diving into more tranquil, jazzy territory. Over the course of 18-minutes, the track moves back and forth several times between these spectral opposites. It's the kind of song that makes you want to put your headphones on, close your eyes and embark on the journey. - Adam Pugsley

Floating Points' two track Kuiper EP drops July 22nd through Luaka Bop.

Odonis Odonis, "Vanta Black"

Vantablack is a substance made from vertically aligned carbon nanotubes. It is thought to be the darkest material on the planet, absorbing 99.965% of the visible radiation spectrum. It appears like a void in space. While the technical applications of Vantablack are manifold, it's also become a powerful artistic symbol. Imagine an abyss-coloured crayola. It's that metaphoric blindspot that Odonis Odonis frontman Dean Tzenos urges listeners into on the clubby industrial rock number, "Vanta Black."

"The time for half measures has passed," he told THUMP. "We need to be bold to make the changes needed to ward off an impending doom. Enough of constant overanalyzing and overthinking that has stopped progress. We need to look deep into the abyss and jump head first into the darkest substance ever known, Vantablack."

Then he stopped down off his lectern. - Chris Hampton

Odonis Odonis' Post-Plague is out June 17 on Telephone Explosion and Felte.

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