PREMIERE: Dead Messenger let out their frustrations with “In The Dark”

The Montreal band release a 2 minute blast of heavy psych rock that won't let you sit still.

- Apr 27, 2016
Photo Credit:  Helen Simard

Do you ever get so stressed that you feel like you're on the verge of insanity? That your mind is flooded with thoughts that you can't seem to ignore, and there's a part of you that just needs to let it all out? Perhaps you vent to your friend for a few hours, or maybe you bury your face into a pillow and scream at the top of your lungs in hopes of cleansing yourself. Or, in the case of Dead Messenger, you grab your music gear and let it all out in a sea of distortion and feedback.

Dead Messenger are a heavy psychedelic rock outfit hailing from Montreal. "In The Dark," the first single from the band's upcoming third studio album, The Owl in Daylight, comes in just under two minutes. I'm not sure you'd want it to be any longer, either, because the thrashy, fast-paced track radiates such a high-level of energy that probably wouldn't last if you were duking it out in the mosh pit the whole time.

From the grimy lead vocals to the screeching, ear-piercing tones that shred through the distorted rhythm guitars, it's hard to sit still while listening. The doubled-up lead vocals create an interesting contrast that feel a lot like those bad thoughts that have been building in the back of your head. Or, what it feels like to get them out.

Dead Messenger play The Bovine in Toronto next Saturday (May 7) for Canadian Music Week. You can also catch them at any of the following dates:

  • Friday May 13th, La Vitrola, Montreal
  • Saturday May 14th, The Toucan, Kingston
  • Thursday May 26th, Skull Central Recordings HQ, Montreal
Dead Messenger's The Owl In Daylight will be released in late May via Skull Central Recordings. You can download "In The Dark" for free starting Friday, April 29th on the band's SoundCloud.

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