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NOW HEAR THIS: Sorority Noise open up to the world

PLUS: Harrison teams up with Ryan Hemsworth and Bad Channels hop aboard a submarine.

- Apr 20, 2016
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the day. Today, Sorority Noise share their fragile new EP, Harrison teams up with Ryan Hemsworth and Bad Channels hop aboard a submarine.

Sorority Noise, It Kindly Stopped For Me

“Looking back, I wish I bailed on it” said frontman Cam Boucher to American Songwriter. The reason? Maybe it was too personal, maybe it should’ve just been for himself. It Kindly Stopped For Me is an intensely personal 4-track EP that shows you how truly special Sorority Noise are. The songs are fragile, quiet and atmospheric. Between their last album Joy, Departed and this EP, he lost a few friends to suicide, so the ambience of this new EP comes across as a therapeutic process to get his feelings out in words.

“We lost another one today” he lets out at the beginning of “Fource,” which sounds like it was recorded on a hike while he was trying to make sense of his situation. These are recurring themes in his songwriting, as Boucher himself struggles with mental health. “Today was an off day, I’ve had a few” is how he closes the same song. It’s difficult to comprehend the state of mind he was in as he wrote these songs, and it makes sense why he may not have wanted to open up to the world in this way. We’re thankful he decided to put them out there and to show people they’re not alone in this and we can work together to build each other up.

Sorority Noise’s It Kindly Stopped For Me is out April 22 on Topshelf Records.

Harrison, "Vanilla (feat. Ryan Hemsworth)"

Canadian crushes Harrison and Ryan Hemsworth teamed up for a smooth, hammock-toting trip to the beach. The opening feels like you’re being chased by a rattlesnake in a rainforest that leaves you when you fall into a pillow-filled matrix. Just picture the kids running into 7-Eleven this summer getting their slurpees, because this song basically soundtracks the first gulp.

Harrison’s debut album is due this September, on Last Gang Records.

Bad Channels, "Stars"

Hitting play on “Stars,” the latest song from Toronto’s Bad Channels, is like hopping in a submarine to explore the unknown reaches of the ocean. There’s bright distorted chimes and cavernous vocals that sound like sea creatures that lost their home, trying to make a new friend. The keys were born from a tropical island, but found themselves submerged underwater looking for the sun. It's densely layered dark synth-pop that has an edge of hopefulness.

Bad Channels' new album on Buzz Records will be out soon.

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