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NOW HEAR THIS: Maybe “These Days” was a Drake song all along

PLUS: Told Slant is your guru, Solids learn the wisdom of waiting, and Holy Fuck find menace in the mechanical.

- Mar 29, 2016
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the day. Today, a Drake does your favourite Nico song, Told Slant guides you up your personal mountain, Solids go '90s space rock, and Holy Fuck envision some dystopian machine disco.

Drake, "These Days"

Hands up if you saw this coming: this morning a pair of Drake tracks just leaked, and one of them is a cover of "These Days."

The song was originally written by a teenaged Jackson Browne, but the arrangement of Drake's version is clearly indebted to Nico. After the song leaked and circulated this morning, Tumblr-core artist Babeo Baggins claimed it. It's part of a covers EP, and is supposed to be a duet. That version went up today, along with the rest of Love Songs for Tough Guys, but as of this writing it's back down again. So here's the Drake-only "These Days."

Drake's gentle-crooned vocals flit around the bittersweet nostalgia of the timeless song like a Vegas lounge singer. These "I'm getting old" lyrics, originally written by a tired-before-his-years 16-year old, seem built for Drake's mouth (he's been over it since before he was under it), but they seem a bit, well, showtuney.

Coincidentally these songs leaked the day after Disturbed played "The Sound of Silence" on Conan. Am I the only one who's having Limp Bizkit flashbacks? - Richard Trapunski

Holy Fuck, "Xed Eyes"

Holy Fuck's "Xed Eyes" is our second sample from the Toronto electronic rock act's first album in six years. Its mechanical groove tips towards menace, as if the shopfloor machines learned to organize. First, for this industrial disco, but then what? - Chris Hampton

Holy Fuck's Congrats is out May 27 on Last Gag Records and Innovative Leisure.

Told Slant, "Low Hymnal"

Brooklyn collective The Epoch continue to cement themselves as an unstoppable force, with a lineup that includes Eskimeaux, Florist, Bellows, and more.

Told Slant’s first single from Going By is your ascension of the Appalachian mountains on a foggy morning. The sun is masked and you can’t see 20 feet in front of yourself. Being alone gives you a sense of serenity, a gap of peace and meditation in place of your otherwise discomforting life. “Low Hymnal” guides you closer to the peak, where you can sit still with a clear mind to reflect and reinvent. - Ryan Parker

Told Slant's upcoming album Going By is out June 17th on Double Whammy.

Solids, "Wait It Out"

For a band that's made its name on uptempo noise punk, Solids' "Wait It Out" is a trudge. But sometimes there's wisdom in slow, deliberate movements. The song, fittingly, is about "problems or crises that can only be solved with time," says vocalist and guitarist Xavier Germain-Poitras. It finds the duo drifting into the airspace of grungy '90s and early '00s space rock bands like Hum and Shiner and The Life and Times. - Chris Hampton

Solids' Else is out April 15 on Dine Alone Records.

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