Doldrums Gerbil

NOW HEAR THIS: Doldrums makes music for gerbils

PLUS: "Fetish rap" from Vancouver's Tommy Genesis, and a self-determination pop anthem from Empress Of.

- Mar 15, 2016
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the day. Today, new songs from Doldrums, Empress Of, and a great new find in Vancouver's Tommy Genesis.

Doldrums, "Gerbil"

I'm not sure what kind of music gerbils like, but if I were a small rodent, I could sure imagine bounding down a plastic tube to this Doldrums tune, you know? Just cutting through a pile of wood shavings towards a big ole bowl of lettuce or whatever gerbils eat after a hard day at the wheel. Montreal-based Airick Woodhead threw this up on his SoundCloud, which is cruel, because gerbils, who would probably love this track, aren't too good at the internet — and when SoundCloud goes subscription-based, man, they've got no chance.

Tommy Genesis, "Art"

Vancouver-based artist Tommy Genesis calls what she does "fetish rap." The Awful Records signee came to Atlanta MC Father's attention on the internet — that great land of possibility. On "Art" she sings, "We're children of the internet," her aesthetic a collection of subcultures that might only cook together in that cybernetic stew. And god bless those children. They promise to make the world weird.

Tommy Genesis' World Vision 2 will be out at the end of the month.

Empress Of, "Woman Is a Word"

Empress Of - Woman Is A Word

Lorely Rodriguez a.k.a. Empress Of knows that words can be restrictive. They delimit you. "One word can have so much social implication, standard, limitation, qualification that it doesn’t give a person their own opportunity to really choose their identity," Rodriguez told Jezebel. She wrote "Woman Is A Word" at a time when she felt the word "woman" put her in a box that didn't quite fit. It defined her and said what she was capable of in ways she didn't feel were true. It's a synth pop power anthem about self-determination; if you catch yourself dancing a bit at your desk, don't stop.

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