Ol Dirty Bastard freestyle Tim Westwood

Here’s 11 high-test minutes of Ol’ Dirty Bastard you’ve never heard before

You know your friend Marky who thinks he knows every ODB verse ever put to record? Tell him he's wrong.

- Feb 25, 2016

We were right: Tim Westwood is sitting on a goldmine. Continuing his wild Throwback Thursdays series, which has included never-before-seen and -heard material from Kanye West, Jay Z, and Eminem, UK radio DJ Tim Westwood has dug into his dustier hard drives and surfaced with more treasure: an 11-minute freestyle by late Brooklyn rap legend Ol' Dirty Bastard recorded in 1995.

ODB, a.k.a. Big Baby Jesus, the man whose style had no father, as Method Man said, is in fine form here, his rap-sung trademark swerving left so hard that, at some point, you realize he's just gibberishing and baby talking and Larvelle-Jones-from-Police-Academy-ing through whole verses and you're banging along all the same. This is an elite talent.

Anyway, here's 11 more minutes of high-concentrate style you can burn deep into your brain meat. Has anybody started a petition to turn Westwood's storage unit into a national museum yet? For the children?

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