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NOW HEAR THIS: Holy Fuck, new Hooded Fang

PLUS: Nicole Dollanganger gets heavy, River Tiber and Daniel Caesar make West a state of mind, and more.

- Feb 18, 2016
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Today, in our all-Canadian edition of NHT, Hooded Fang bounce around the echo chamber, Holy Fuck march back into our lives, Nicole Dollanganger wants to know if you'll like her when she has no face, River Tiber and Daniel Caesar float west, and Solids serve up indie rock soul food.

Hooded Fang, "Tunnel Vision"

In the 8 years or so Hooded Fang have been Toronto indie scene godparents, they've crossed through indie pop, garage rock, post-punk, surf and kraut-rock and on their first song in what feels like way too long without a Hooded Fang song, those shards all pierce into each other into one hypnotic blast of joy that goes on forever. Or at least it feels like it does, because I keep hitting repeat.

"Tunnel Vision" is a song about the social media bubble we all create for ourselves and then live in, letting algorithms determine what stories we read and what beliefs we unconsciously create and reinforce through our endless clicking and liking. It's not healthy, but it does work sometimes. It did send this song to the top of my newsfeed. - Richard Trapunski

Hooded Fang's new album Venus On Edge will be out May 13 on their own Daps Records.

Holy Fuck, "Tom Tom"

Another Toronto band we've been waiting on for awhile, Holy Fuck have a new song and news of a new album. "Tom Tom" starts distant and lo-fi before the titular drum beat dreams up the insistent riffs, junk percussion, ambient electronics and chant vocals that pile around it, distorted and steady. And just like that, Holy Fuck march back into our lives. Listening to music today feels like catching up with old friends. - Richard Trapunski

Holy Fuck's Congrats is out May 27 via Innovative Leisure.

Nicole Dollanganger, "Have You Seen Me?"

Nicole Dollanganger's music has always been eerie, but this is where it gets heavy. Over a slow, lumbering metal riff, the Ontario singer sings a treatment for your next horror film. "Do you like me when I have no face?" she asks, as the tension tightens. "He said 'I want you to scream for me.'" Is it cold in here - Richard Trapunski

Nicole Dollanganger's Natural Born Losers is out now via Grimes’ label Eerie Organization.

River Tiber ft. Daniel Caesar, "West"

Often attributed to an 1851 editorial in the Terre Haute Express (though it's a matter of contention who said it where first), John Babson Lane Soule wrote: "Go west young man, and grow up with the country." In that era of colonial expansion, to many, the West represented fertile land where someone willing to work hard might find success.

River Tiber's "West," featuring Toronto soul upstart Daniel Caesar and produced by Frank Dukes, is about "leaving and trying not to look back," the 25-year-old singer-producer told The FADER. "I pictured when I flew to California for the first time, listening to Led Zeppelin's 'Going to California.' There’s something magnetic about the west coast, especially when you’re from a cold city like Toronto.” The track floats along — sun-kissed synths and washy gospel voices — on Soule's daydream: where big opportunities lie ahead. - Chris Hampton

Solids, "Blank Stare"

Montreal's Solids dish up wholegrain, toothsome grunge rock on "Blank Stare." Home-cooked indie rock soul food. The kind of thing that warms your tummy and sticks to your flanneled ribs. Mmm. - Chris Hampton

Solids' Else EP is out April 15 on Dine Alone Records and Topshelf.

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