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NOW HEAR THIS: “Written In The Wind” is the long midnight of Nicholas Krgovich’s soul

PLUS: Freddie Gibbs featuring DMX (sorta) & Com Truise with a vision of the future past.

- Feb 10, 2016
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the day. Today, Nicholas Krgovich gives us the Canadian premiere of a new track, Freddie Gibbs brings back a Jay Z gem, and Com Truise hits the road.

Nicholas Krgovich, "Written In The Wind"

UNCHARTED alum Nicholas Krgovich is equally as adept at big Wall Of Sound productions as he is at acoustic folk-rock. Here, the Vancouver songwriter gets moody and minimalist, singing like a Tom Waits in his more hushed moments, with a voice like regular butter instead of chunky peanut butter). He gives us the backstory (and a few more comparisons like that one) in an email:

"This song was written on May 3rd, 2009. I remember driving up to my aunt and uncle's cabin and arriving at night, unloading the groceries, and unpacking, deciding which room I would sleep in etc. I also had a pretty bad cold, which you can hear on this recording as we ended up using the vocal from the original demo.

I wrote this song that night, in probably the same amount of time that it takes to listen to it. It kind of just plopped out fully formed. Me taking on the role of Julie London or maybe Judy Garland when she sings 'You're Nearer.' A long midnight of the soul, jazz club song. My friend Chris Cohen on guitar doing a very accurate Barney Kessel and Katie Eastburn joining me in the choruses. Someone once told me the vocals sound like David Sedaris when he impersonates Billie Holiday. Laughter through the tears."

Richard Trapunski

Nicholas Krgovich's new album The Hills is out March 4 on Tin Angel Records.

Freddie Gibbs, "Money, Cash, Hoes"

Given how far their fortunes have diverged, it's strange to go back and listen to Jay Z's songs with DMX from the late '90s. Those "WHAT" and "UGH"'s just don't seem to go. In his version of the '98 song "Money, Cash, Hoes" Freddie Gibbs faintly keeps DMX's grunts, and other than the two-thirds redundant title (aren't money and cash basically the same thing?) that's about all he keeps. Instead, Gibbs and The Beat Bully turn it into a dark, vaguely menacing gangsta record that, regardless, is lined with Jigga references.

Side note: did you know Jay Z, DMX and Ja Rule were almost a rap group? - Richard Trapunski

Freddie Gibbs' Shadow of a Doubt mixtape is out now via ESGN Records. Listen to it on SoundCloud.

Com Truise, "Diffraction"

Your cool white '84 Countach enters the Miami-Havana Tunnel just after 11. You're going fast — 180 mph, maybe 200 — but the moon bobs ahead over the city, a beacon, shattered by the water overhead. It is your target. The pink LED road rolls there like a ribbon. You're supposed to meet Michael at the new Floridita in five. You peel over the stereo knob. "Diffraction" by Com Truise is on. You step deeper into the accelerator. You'll make it just in time.

It is a vision of the future and it is a vision of the past, thus it is now. - Chris Hampton

Com Truise's Silicon Tare is out April 1 on Ghostly International.

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