Bob Mould Facebook hacked

Facebook hackers be warned: Bob Mould will write a song about you

Oh, that's why your favourite indie bands were spamming Facebook with GIFs of pubic hair. They were all hacked.

- Jan 25, 2016

I get it — Saturday afternoons can stretch on forever. You can only sit througn The Wedding Crashers on W so many times. And idle hands, as they say, are the devil's playground. But you really should resist the temptation, seductive though it may be, to hack the Facebook pages of North America's most beloved indie bands. Unless, that is, you want Bob Mould to write a song about you.

Over the weekend, you might have noticed some out-of-character content coming from the accounts of Death Cab For Cutie, Best Coast, The New Pornographers, The Postal Service, and Bob Mould. Stuff like: "The Sleeping Position of Women Reveals A Lot About Them" and "These 14 Facts About Boobs Will Blow Your Mind." All the handiwork of a black hat.


Screenshot via SPIN

But Mould wouldn't quietly let some cybercriminal hijack his Facebook wall. No, after a long chat with Facebook tech support, he hit back with a 30-second webcam song. I guess that's one way to get new material, but a little patience perhaps? At least now we know how the the Hüsker Dü/Sugar veteran pronounces "GIF."

Bob Mould's new album Patch The Sky is out in March via Merge.

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