Weaves Drag Me Down

NOW HEAR THIS: Weaves cover One Direction

PLUS: Chilly Gonzales confesses he isn't a musical genius and King Krule delivers a mysterious new project.

- Dec 2, 2015
Now Hear This is a dive into the standout songs of the day. Today, Weaves boldly offer a rendition of post-Zayn 1D, "musical genius" Chilly Gonzales addressees the self-proclaimed title, and King Krule surfaces to introduce a weirdo, amorphous art project.

Weaves, "Drag Me Down" (One Direction cover)

While every other band was thinking how crazzzzzy it would be if they covered "Hotline Bling," Weaves decided to tackle a One Direction song. Not just any One Direction song, but a mediocre post-Zayn, just-young-enough-to-keep-up-the-boy-band-thing One Direction song. And it's good. Like, really good.

Jasmyn Burke told Stereogum the challenge "was not so much changing everything about the song, but elevating certain parts and adding our own touch so a song meant to appeal to teenage girls would in fact sound like a new Weaves tune." Mission accomplished on both fronts. This is full of the charisma (that they probably couldn't mute if they tried) and Pixies-through-15-pedals effects that are Weaves' trademark, but also teeming with the sticky kind of hooks written to be played 54 times in a row and then autoreplayed in your head twice as much.

This was originally going to be an Rdio exclusive before the streaming service sold the sinking ship. Their loss is our gain. Or at least SoundCloud's... - Richard Trapunski

Grab Weaves' "Drag Me Down" for free from SoundCloud via Buzz Records.

Chilly Gonzales, "(Not A) Musical Genius"

Chilly Gonzales - (Not A) Musical Genius (Official Video)

In our fascinating interview with Chilly Gonzales, the rapper/pianist/pop-song-explainer explained why he was retiring his self-proclaimed "musical genius" title: musical knowledge is for everyone. Now, he offers a "correction" in the form of a music video. Over a staccato piano and strings beat, he talk-raps his abbreviated life story through the filter of his guilt. He's an unusual pianist, but not a musical genius. Just a sensitive songwriter/composer named Jason Beck with an ear for what makes a song tick and a gift for gimmicks. In today's pop landscape, though, what does that make you if not a genius? - Richard Trapunski

Chilly Gonzales' Chambers is out now on his own Gentle Threat label. Read our interview with the non-genius here.

A New Place 2 Drown (King Krule), "Any God of Yours"/ "Arise Dear Brother"/ "Sex With Nobody"

A New Place 2 Drown (Trailer)

So this is weird. Archy Marshall, a.k.a. King Krule, has kept a pretty low profile since his 2013 release 6 Feet Beneath the Moon. Last week, he joined Instagram to cryptically announce something called "ANP2D" and now we've learned what exactly that means. A New Place 2 Drown is a project in collaboration with his artist older brother Jack Marshall, showcasing the pair's poetry and artwork across a book, a short film, and a soundtrack (watch the trailer here).

If you visit the project website and hold down the music link (like, you have to keep holding it down; they obviously don't want this shit just playing in some background tab while you click around elsewhere), you can stream three new tracks. Krule's tarry baritone is there, so are his loungey jazz chords, but they're written over with found sounds, ambient noise, and jittery electronics — a trip inside the buzzing, cacophonous brains of the brothers Marshall.

Listen here. - Chris Hampton

Archy and Jack Marshall's A New Place 2 Drown is available December 10 here.

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