Architect Of HeartBreak Feat. Stas THEE Boss by Witch Prophet

PREMIERE: Toronto’s Witch Prophet sets the mood in style with “Architect Of HeartBreak”

The 88 Days of Fortune singer and THEESatisfaction's Stas THEE Boss set the mood in style with this soulful tearjerker.

- Nov 25, 2015
Single Illustration by Robin Eisenberg.

November’s got me raw already but today may reach paralysis level emotion (not for the first time, don’t worry) with the newest offering from 88 Days Of Fortune’s Toronto-based music & media collective.

In elegantly produced (via Vanilla) “Architect Of HeartBreak,” Toronto’s Witch Prophet probes deeper into the "Hotline Bling" dangerzone, keeping the ringer on while Stas THEE Boss (THEESatisfaction, Shabazz Palaces affiliate) opens the track with a guest verse as troubled voices swirl in the air. Then Witch Prophet/Above Top Secret’s Ayo Leilani is alone, like me on November nights when I’m trying to get shit done and the past is weighing heavy.

Despite its misleading chill Leilani’s tearjerker reminds me that music and memory both exist as ghosts, floating through the barriers I put up until I find myself staring at a mole like a bee sting on my left wrist, core slightly and pleasantly numb, one step closer to whole but I should have just made some tea and sat with my mope in the first place because look at the mess I’ve made of my phone case, picking it apart like so many losses have tried to do to me.

Whether or not Leilani is in favour of giving in to the sway of emotion radiating from a too-quiet, outdated iPhone 4, she’s at least set mood in style on this lonesome hip hop / soul / ghostwave single.

Look out for Witch Prophet’s debut full-length The Golden Octave in mid-2016, and her H.P.B. mixtape to be released soon.

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