Pet Sun Dark Planet

PREMIERE: Pet Sun’s “Dark Planet” is a stormy psych odyssey of the mind

The Hamilton-based garage band makes messy rock and roll for your restless brain.

- Nov 5, 2015

Hamilton four-piece Pet Sun take on the sometimes shambolic nature of the human mind with their latest "Dark Planet." It's a shaggy, shadowy labyrinth of an outing, where the monster (what good is a maze without one?) lurks behind every turn.

"The song tells less of a story than it does paint a chaotic picture of our minds when we wrote it," singer/guitarist Stephane Senecal-Tremblay says. Nightmares and restlessness are themes throughout, he explains, the messy byproducts of inner conflict.

The tempo changes emphasize that chaos: listeners never get the chance to settle in, hurtled instead off into the next section, before the outro finally lets go of all control.

Pet Sun's Shade Driver EP will be available December 4, 2015 via The Hand Recordings.

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