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NOW HEAR THIS: Ryan Hemsworth remixes Blink-182; Arca gets banned from Instagram

PLUS: Calgary's Hag Face dig into the infinite stores of wisdom.

- Jun 2, 2015
Now Hear This is a daily dive into the standout songs of the day. Today, Arca gets in trouble, Hag Face motor straight into hell, and Ryan Hemsworth covers your favourite middle school songs.

Arca, "Vanity"

Few people are weirding popular music as artfully or as thoroughly as Arca. "Vanity" straps his freeform, elegant minimalism with demolition charges — the kind of thing that might score the end days about as well as a weird night at the afterhours. He later tweeted that the Jesse Kanda art he'd upped for "Vanity" — a melted female form with focus on its anatomical vagina and anus — got him permanently banned from Instagram, which a) is fucked and b) will probably score the image scads more eyeballs. (They've since reinstated him).

Hag Face, "Rip It"

Calgarian punks Hag Face (who we've been routing for) take a full-throttle joyride through at least half of the circles of hell. Noisy, vicious, unrelenting — I think you better do what the blonde miscreants of Hag Face tell ya. That way, no one gets hurt.

Hag Face's split 7-inch with Babysitter is out July 30 on Pleasence and Resurrection.

Ryan Hemsworth, Ryanpack Vol. 2

As Ryan Hemsworth readies for a summer tour, he chops out the second volume of Ryanpack. In this patriotic instalment, the Haligonian producer treats countrymen Sum 41, Drake, and Nardwuar along with Blink-182, t.A.T.u., and Sicko Mobb to a wonky, clouded rework. Come for the novelty, stay because...well, I'm pretty sure Hemsworth could make even poop groans buoyant and danceable, that's why. When you're done with that, grab 1.73 GB more Hemsworth.

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